Nielsen Adds Facebook to its Social Media Metrics

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The media landscape is evolving. In order to strive in this multi-platform landscape, Nielsen added a well-liked partner to provide more accurate social media metrics. Facebook conversations will be joining Twitter activities and ratings on cable TV and other streaming services.

Nielsen Adds Facebook to its Social Media Metrics

Nielsen Adds Facebook to its Social Media Metrics

Nielsen is hoping that the addition of Facebook will make its service fully gauge allowing a better correlation between actual viewership and social media chatter. In the process, the company is appreciated by the Big 4 networks.

For CBS, adding Facebook will allow the company to provide its audience a more comprehensive measurement. The addition of multiple social networks will provide TV programers a more holistic view of the social conversation, as well as deeper insights from their audience.

The expanded idea will help monitor and measure all conversations on all networking sites and Twitter’s reach, engagement and authorship.

The deal with Facebook will include the networking site to hand over all conversations and shares from its site that are related to media material, like series and events. All data won’t include personal data of the users.

Nielsen is often criticized for not providing accurate daily ratings. But with the addition of Facebook to its social media metrics, it’s indeed moving fast on its program. The company aims to have more likes and ad buyer useful information so it plans to make Social Content Ratings available in Twitter TV Ratings markets in the US, Italy, Australia and Mexico in the middle of this year.

There are more than 300 million people on Facebook around the world using the platform each day. With Nielsen Social Content Ratings, it can now provide collective data happening on this networking platform. The social measurement provides a standardized, comprehensive picture of how consumers respond to a certain program, no matter where they are in the world.

In a press release, it said:

“Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings will deliver standardized third-party measurement of program-related conversation for each social networking service tracked and gross totals across social networks. Measurement will include social media authorship (e.g., posts, Tweets), engagement (e.g., comments, likes, replies, Retweets, shares), reach (audience and impressions) and demographics (age and gender) as available. Social Content Ratings are designed to adhere to the social media measurement guidelines created by the Media Rating Council (MRC), with sponsorship and input from the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).”

Although not all are happy with Nielsen’s move, some media analysts are saying that this aggressive expansion of the company is critical to keep its ratings relevant. The extensive data it provides will offer valuable details to content providers, advertisers, and media distributors. This is also essential as advertisers are paying attention to audience engagement, in addition to the live ratings. They want those programs that are getting the best buzz, shares, and likes.

And as mentioned earlier, the data that it can obtain from Facebook won’t include the name and profile of Facebook users.

“In support of Social Content Ratings, Facebook will deliver directly to Nielsen the aggregated and anonymous program-related conversation on Facebook, including posts shared with friends, family and publicly, while respecting and in full compliance with consumer privacy.”

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