New Yahoo Mail App Removes the Need of Password

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Are you still using Yahoo mail app? If you are, then you’ll soon notice some changes in logging in. The Internet giant is now trying to beat Google’s Gmail in getting more people to sign up and use its email service. 

New Yahoo Mail App Removes the Need of Password

New Yahoo Mail App Removes the Need of Password

With the latest update of Yahoo mail app, password may be a thing of the past.

That’s at least the main goal of the company. This is one of its efforts to revamp its email service and make it more compelling.

In addition to making the app more enticing, it also aims to be the easiest email service that will stand out from other email services, like Outlook and Gmail.

In Silicon Valley, Gmail is a cool app while its competitors are considered passé. And Yahoo wants to change it through the help of its new features that’ll roll out in the coming weeks.

What New Features?

The new Yahoo mail app will enable you to log in without a password. But you’ll still have to go to its address, i.e.

From there, you’ll need to enter your username and click on the “Continue” button.

And this is where everything changes.

Before, you’d have to enter your easy-to-hack password.

Now, you’ll receive an alert to your registered smartphone, asking if you’ll want to sign in.

Once you hit the “yes” button, you can now access your account.

During the press event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the company’s vice president said that it’s going to eliminate the need to enter your password.

If this would become a trend, then it’d mean that consumers could live in a world without the need to remember their passwords.

This is truly a big deal for all of us as passwords don’t generally make our accounts safer.

In fact, security experts said that passwords are unsafe, whether or not you’re logging into a secure website.

Digital Vulnerability

We’ve heard a lot of hacking news lately.

Who can’t forget how hackers illegally access Ashley Madison, the cheating website? This has caused quite a lot of controversies about the digital vulnerability of using a website.

One of the main causes is the fact that people either utilize a password that’s easy to guess or use the same pass code for several sites.

Although it’s easy to remember one password for all of your accounts, it could mean trouble to your online life.

If a hacker could break into your one account, he/she could illegally access your other accounts.

The Catch

The new Yahoo mail app is indeed useful to help you stop remembering your password.

But the problem is that you must own a smartphone and you must be willing to give out your phone number to the company.

What if your phone’s battery dies? Yahoo said that you can still log into your email through traditional passwords.

This update isn’t available yet to all Yahoo services. But you can try it out through Yahoo Mail and Sports.

The latest Yahoo mail app may be the killer product that the company is waiting for to compete against Google.

But will it really?

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