New study shows that Americans have trust issues with AI systems

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AI systems

Americans don’t trust AI systems


As AI technology progresses we face even more moral questions. Is it ok to let robots take care of our children or serve us food? Will AI systems do the work for us? Let’s take for example Pepper the Robot, Pizza Hut’s new waiter in Asia. This friendly and cute robot (created by SoftBank) will be able to take and process entire customer orders, if everything goes as planned. So, Pepper the Robot could easily replace waiters and do the job just as good, according to the manufacturer.

But, what about other AI systems, like Siri or Alexa (Amazon Echo). Is it really useful and are we really so eager to use it? Well, according to study that Americans don’t seem to trust Artificial Intelligence systems. And although we all think it’s fascinating to interact with an AI mechanism sometimes it can be creepy.

The new study from Time etc, which was published on DigitalTrends, reveals that Americans don’t believe the AI revolution is quite here yet. And the majority of the participants – 54 percent –  claimed that they have never interacted with such a system.

But, the most interesting finding is that 26% of respondents said they would not trust an AI with any personal or professional task. Perhaps they had in mind Terminator’s Skynet Corporation. Also 51 percent said they’d be uncomfortable sharing personal data with an AI system. Of course we have a 23 % of Americans who claim they have interacted with an AI and they were not so satisfied with the experience.

Barnaby Lashbrooke, CEO and Founder of Time etc, said about the results of the study:

“In today’s world, technological solutions provide a convenience in our lives that is unmatched by anything else. From on-demand apps like Uber to food delivery services like Seamless, it’s almost possible to avoid human contact altogether,” “While people may be comfortable using technology to get their lunch and dinner delivered, there are some tasks that will always be better accomplished by humans. This is where virtual assistant services that are backed by real people, like Time etc, provide a happy medium of the convenience of tech and the reliability of human intelligence.”

Another fascinating result of the study is that humans are very confident about their own abilities. with 35 percent of respondents saying the Artificial Intelligence would never match human intelligence. This sounds a little pompous but if you can beat an AI system then you can claim anything you want.

All jokes aside, people seems to have trust issues with Artificial Intelligence. As the study shows  66 percent of the participants said they’d be uncomfortable sharing financial data system, and 53 percent have the same feeling about giving away professional data.

In conclusion the human race is not so convinced about the AI systems. It seems that we prefer to be the dominant specie on the planet. Unless Pepper the Robot decide otherwise and turn from friend to foe.


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Author: Martha Papadimitriou

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