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Live-streaming video is a killer feature for most social media channels. Whether you use Periscope or Facebook Live the goal is to share live broadcasts with your “online friends” and often with the rest of the users. But, sometimes people want to share their worth-sharing moments with a close group of friends. Enter the video streaming app Alively!

The video streaming app wants to make it easy and fun to capture and share everyday moments with friends. Alively takes you right into your camera and lets you pre-select a friend or group of friends who you want to share with before you start capturing it. You can also start recording instantly and add friends to share with as you’re recording. Only people you shared with can watch live and comment to participate or they can view the video later. Also you don’t have to worry about deleting content from your phone to record a video. Alively uploads the video and stores it securely in the cloud without taking up any space on your phone. Your friends can watch your HD video which lasts 10 to 30 seconds.

Behind Alively is a former product manager for Facebook Live. Vadim Lavrusik decided to skip the Menlo Park and start his own streaming app.

Lavrusik said in a statement

“We wanted to create a modern day camcorder for capturing those everyday moments and sharing them in the moment with the people who care about them most,”

“I learned a ton from working on Facebook Live about what motivates people to not only share live, but also watch live,”. “But the thing we’re really focused on is creating a good experience for narrowcasting rather than broadcasting — sharing live or recorded video to just a few people. Sharing live is just one of the formats for sharing in Alively that lets people bring their friends into the moment as it’s happening. But we also let them share or watch later.”

In another statement he points out the main difference of their app with the rest social media platforms:

“We want people to live in the moment rather than focus on how many likes they’re getting” “Teens on Instagram will post a photo and delete it if it doesn’t get enough Likes in a time period. We want to bring back the purity of sharing.”

Alively was funding from the top social investors Greylock and SV Angel and managed to raised  $800,000.

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Author: Martha Papadimitriou

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