New Instagram Reels Features Including Redesigned Editing Tool

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Instagram New Reels Features 


Instagram announced a new way to edit videos and discover trending content. The video editing process is the biggest change as you can now edit your uploaded video clips, stickers, and text overlays on the same screen. 

The company shared stills showing the editing feature that works similarly to what TikTok has. It makes transitions smoother and helps when you need to line up audio and video clips. 

Discovering Trending Videos

TikTok became a platform for viral content because of the trends and challenges. Users can easily recreate them. But this is not the same with Reels. Users have to go through various steps to find viral content. 

This will change with the new features added. A new Reels page has hashtags and songs that are popular on Instagram. You will also find here the number of videos that utilize the particular audio. You can easily save the audio if you want to apply it directly to your own videos. 

By knowing how many times other creators have used a song, you can assess the chances of your video getting viral. This will help you figure out what is popular in Reels at a certain time so you can tap into trends. Because it is easy for TikTok creators to know what is trending in the app, it will now be easier for you, as an Instagram creator, to find out whether or not their content will be viral. 

Analyzing the Performance of Videos 

Meta also added tools for creators that let them analyze how their videos are performing. How many fans are engaging with their content. With the latest update, the new analytics dashboard will now show the time audiences spent watching a Reel. The data would include replays and the average watch time of the video. This new tool will also notify a creator each time a new follower found the creator through a video. 

Instagram and TikTok have been struggling to make their content creators happy. They are overhauling their platforms to ensure the creators are making enough money. But they are also cutting funds to reward creators for their high-performing content. 

Expanding Gifts Monetization Feature 

The company also announced its gifts monetization feature. “Today we’re excited to share our plan to bring gifts to even more creators with upcoming expansions to more markets, including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK, in the coming weeks.” 

If your fans sent you a gift, you will know about it through this feature. Tapping the heart icon will notify your supporters telling them you have seen and recognized their gift. For Instagram, this will give creators and fans a stronger sense of connection. 

There is a growing scrutinize around TikTok. Numerous countries have banned government devices from downloading the said app. It also faces a potential ban in the US. With these things in mind, it makes sense for Meta to improve its features and encourage more creators to use Instagram. It’s beefing up its product to make it more appealing to creators and users around the world. 

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