Netflix’s My List Feature — Sorting Through Saved Shows Becomes Easier

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Improvements to Netflix’s My List Feature

Netflix released a series of updates that will make navigation a lot easier. And it includes My List improvements on mobile. 

If you watch movies or shows on your mobile, then you can easily organize your watch list by utilizing a set of filters and sorting functions. The updates will be introduced for Android today. iOS users can get the updates in the coming weeks. 

With the updates, you can sort alphabetically based on the date you have added them to your watch list or a release date. If you wish to remove stuff from your list, you just need to swipe the title. 

The updates will help you keep up with the latest releases. The app’s home screen will get a Coming Soon row. This will allow you to know when movies or TV series will be available. You can also set reminders so you will never forget. 

In the past, the My List features didn’t have filters. Thus, it was a pain to scroll through the app just to find the title that you wish to watch after saving it. 

Mobile Users Only 

It is important to note that these updates are designed for mobile users. Netflix did not disclose when it will roll out the updates for TVs. 

My List was introduced in 2013. It’s a convenient way to keep track of content that interests you without having to search for it again. When you come across a title that you want to add to your list, you can simply click the “+ My List” button or the “Add to My List” icon (which usually looks like a ribbon or a bookmark) on the show or movie’s page.

Password Sharing 

Last month, the company announced that it would roll out its new way to stop users from sharing account passwords in the US. The system was first introduced in four countries. It prevents users from sharing passwords with individuals outside of their households.

If you wish to use the password of your dad, for instance, you need to log into his Netflix account and use the home Wi-Fi network of that account once a month. The app uses various information, like device IDs, account activity, and IP addresses to know whether a device is associated with the account’s primary location.

To ensure that you get uninterrupted access to this app, just connect to the Wi-Fi at your home or your primary location. Open the app and watch something once every 31 days. Doing so will create a trusted device so you can still watch Netflix even if you are away from your primary location. 

Being far away from your primary location for more than 31 days, your device may be blocked. It means that you can no longer watch shows or movies on Netflix. If you wish to continue watching, just request a temporary access code. 

If you do not live with the owner of the account, you may pay for a sub-account. When the company tested it in Canada, Spain, Portugal, and New Zealand, the results were satisfactory. Because of this new system, its paid membership base is now larger than before the new system was introduced.

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