Netflix Redesigns iPhone App

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Netflix iPhone App’s New Design

Netflix wants to improve the user experience, which is vital to ensure that it stands out amongst its competitors. Hence, the company rolled out updates to its iPhone app. The revamped interface now features a new billboard layout. 

You will also find new card transitions, as well as new animation for launch and profile screens. 

The new app is designed to offer better visuals and more interactive interactions. It also includes motion design. The latest update is available worldwide. 

It now includes a new style to promote what to watch. It has thematic background on the shows you prefer to watch or the movies you love. 

Janum Trivedi tweeted about the new design and he showcased the new version of the app. He said that, “This last year, I’ve been leading a UI refresh to make Netflix feel more fluid, delightful, and polished.” 

You can download the update now and when you open it, you will see a large card of a movie series, for instance. It will take up most of the screen. 

The billboard layout promotes a suggested tile that is available on the streaming service. 

The most interesting part about this update is the parallax effect. When you tilt your iPhone back and forth, the wallpaper moves or shifts slightly. 

The title cards have a colored border. It is the main color in the movie or TV artwork. 

There’s no info tab at the bottom of the car. It has been removed. If you wish to know about the show or film, you can just click on the card and it will give you a separate page that displays information about the show or film.

Before the update, the transitioning of the card was less fluid on the iPhone app. When you choose a title, the info section would just slide up. 

The transition shows the card growing bigger and it opens into a full-screen version to show the information. 

You will like the iPhone app refresh. It makes navigation more fun and interactive. 

Password Sharing 

The update, thankfully, doesn’t include cracking down on password sharing. Last year, it announced that it would force subscribers to pay an additional rate if they want to share their accounts. 

This streaming service has more than 220 million subscribers around the world. It has over 100 million households that don’t pay but have access to the service using a password that they share with existing subscribers. 

For several years, it didn’t do anything to it. But lately, it realized that password sharing wasn’t helping its bottom line. Thus, it would soon force its subscribers to pay an additional fee to share an account with someone. 

It has already been tested in Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica. To share accounts, subscribers need to pay $3. It would soon introduce this change in the US. Thus, if the people you share your account with don’t live in the same household, they will need to pay the extra fee. 

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