Netflix Mobile Games Confirmed — Apple Arcade Competitor

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Available to subscribers at no extra cost. 

Netflix is expanding and it is taking on Apple Arcade. Its executives confirmed the upcoming services on Tuesday.

However, the mobile games aren’t available yet. But the company is in the early stages of expanding into video games. 

It’s been experimenting with it in the past when it offered Stranger Things mobile games. But last week, it hired a new executive to begin the actual production of mobile games for the app. 

A Part of Netflix Subscription 

The company views gaming as a new content category. The move is similar to how the company expanded into original films, unscripted TV, and animation. 

The best thing about it is that members can access them at no additional cost. It’s similar to accessing Netflix’s films and series. 

The initial effort is to offer mobile-focused content. Hence, it’s a potential competitor to Apple Arcade. 

The games will be designed and produced for mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. However, it’s not closing its doors to offer console-level games in the future.  

How the Games are Distributed? 

It’s not clear yet how they will be distributed to its subscribers. 

However, if it would include the games in the main app, which might result in problems with Apple. The iPhone maker doesn’t allow apps from offering an alternative store for games

Because of that rule, Apple rejected Google Stadia and other similar platforms when they tried entering the App Store. Apple also rejected Facebook’s launch of its gaming service on iOS

Now, if Netflix will try to include its gaming platform into its main app, it might get rejected as well. 

The main goal of adding mobile games is to encourage subscribers to be more engaged in the app. In that case, it’s less likely for them to unsubscribe. The games could also encourage new subscriptions. 

In the past, Netflix executives said that games are a source of competition for the users’ time and money. 

For many years now, Netflix thinks that having one focus is the best way to win. It considers branching out to other categories would be a distraction. 

But with the recent confirmation by the company, indicates that it’s willing to try something new. The free games might be an extension of what it is doing. 

The company says that it’s not thinking about ads, in-game purchases, or other monetization. It’s also not considering per title purchases. 

However, the company admits that it doesn’t know anything about making video games. 

That’s probably the reason they hired Mike Verdu to lead the project. Mike worked as a game designer at Zynga and Electronics Art. He was also the head of AR/VR content at Facebook in 2019 for the social network’s Oculus headsets. 

Currently, Apple Arcade is being offered at a $4.99 per month service. Users can access hundreds of games on iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV. All games are ad-free. 

As to when Netflix will roll out its mobile games, the company hasn’t confirmed it yet.

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