Netflix Hiring for Cloud Gaming

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It is looking for a security product manager who will handle cloud gaming challenges. 

Netflix Cloud Gaming Service 

The streaming giant wants to improve its effort in making it big in the cloud gaming industry. According to Protocol, the company is hunting for professionals to handle its cloud gaming services and take on its competitors, such as Google Stadia and Apple Arcade

Mobile Games with No Players or Subscribers

The company launched its mobile games. But less than 1% of its subscribers are playing them. By the end of 2022, the company plans to introduce 50 gaming titles. 

But the data are frustrating. An estimated 1.7 million people engage with the games each day. Its Stranger Things-themed games are doing well, though. 

Its mobile games are not that popular with its audience. But it’s hoping its cloud gaming service may get more eyeballs. 

With cloud gaming, Netflix can bring its games to the TV screen without the need for game consoles. The company is boosting its efforts in video games. Last year, it introduced games to ensure its users are engaged. 

But the games can only be accessed by subscribers. And they have to download separate apps, which is frustrating. 

Netflix also competes against other gaming giants, like Epic Games and TikTok. 

Gamertag-style Handles 

Meanwhile, the streaming giant is testing Gamertag-style handles. When users play mobile games, they can create and display publicly their handles. 

With this feature, members can invite others to play games based on their handles. They can also see where they rank on leaderboards. 

When you update your Netflix app and download Into the Breach, you may see the feature yourself. You can opt to create the game handle associated with the Netflix profile in games. 

It is like creating your public-facing username on other gaming platforms. That is, the handle must be unique. When you input the name you wish to use, Netflix will check it. 

While your unique public name is displayed publicly, your profile icon and your name will not be visible to others. If you get fed up with your game handle, you can change it at any time. 

Netflix confirmed that it is exploring other gaming features. However, it could not talk about these features beyond game handles. 

The company is looking to enhance its member’s experience with the service. Exploring different features will enrich the mobile game experience of its users. 

The company hints that it is not only making mobile games for subscribers. But it is also encouraging members to partake in gaming by playing with other members. 

The social components can be an opportunity for the company to attract and retain subscribers. 

For now, it is not seeing demand for its mobile games. As mentioned, less than 1% of its users are playing the games. Out of the 221 million subscribers of the company, only 23.3 million of them have downloaded the games. With this figure, the engagement levels are extremely low. 

It is still too early to say whether or not the company has made an error in moving into gaming. 

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