Netflix Brings Spatial Audio to All Devices

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You don’t need a Dolby Atmos speaker.

Hear Popular Shows in Spatial Audio 

Netflix is enabling two-channel speaker systems to produce spatial audio sound. The most interesting thing is that you will not need a surround system to hear it. Some of the popular shows on Netflix, including The Witcher, The Adam Project, and Stranger Things, will let you listen to them in spatial audio. 

What is Spatial Audio? 

Spatial audio brings theater-like immersive audio to your existing stereo speakers. It is a way of creating sound in 360 degrees. You can hear the sound coming from any place in a sphere. Netflix announced it through its partnership with Sennheiser. The technology helps translate the cinematic experience of surround-sound audio to any type of stereo. The audio will be similar to what you hear in real life. 

“Netflix spatial audio helps to translate the cinematic experience of immersive audio to any stereo, so the work creators do to bring you into the story happens no matter what device you use to watch Netflix.”


The company added that the combination of sight and sound will “bring viewers closer to the story, and we’re excited to add this capability to other features we support like 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos®, and Netflix Calibrated Mode.”

This tech has been used in various consumer devices, like Apple’s AirPods. 

However, spatial audio through stereo headphones is incomparable to having a robust sound system in your home theater. Then again, it offers a perceptive improvement in immersion where you do not need a full surround setup. 

You can find Netflix shows that support spatial audio content by typing spatial audio into search bear. 


The company uses Sennheiser’s AMBEO 2-Channel spatial audio. It is the first streaming platform to use this system. The technology preserves the original sound mix. It also respects creative intent with clean sound. 

This is different from Apple’s own Spatial Audio. With Apple, you need specific built-in speakers or AirPods. The Sennheiser AMBEO implementation eliminates those requirements. In that case, people can enjoy this technology. 

If you are looking to find more information about this technology, you may visit its support page. However, if you are ready to try it, you may want to play Stranger Things. It is a good show to start and experience spatial audio. 

You might think that you don’t need higher-end systems and formats. However, with spatial audio, the power output is still limited. You are also restricted to the speaker’s direction and clarity of the audio. 

In that case, you may still want to invest in Dolby Atmos sound at some point if you wish to get clarity out of the spatial audio content. 

However, it introduces people to this tech who might not have tried it in the past. Apple did the same when it introduced spatial audio through Apple Music. It allows the company to promote its other products in the audio space. To truly enjoy spatial audio tech, consider Devialet Dione or Sonos Arc.

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