Netflix App Update: You Can Now Remove Films from the Continue Watching Section

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Tidy up your Continue Watching list. 

Remove Films from Continue Watching List 

When you watch a film or a TV show on Netflix and you didn’t finish watching it, the app will put it in your Continue Watching list. Unfortunately, you couldn’t remove the flies and television shows that clog up the said section. But that was before. 

With the recent Netflix update, you can now edit the Continue Watching section to remove those movies or television shows you don’t want to see anymore. This feature isn’t a huge upgrade, though. However, it’s been requested for a very long time now. 

Users sometimes watch some movies they thought they would like. But after watching them for a few minutes, they realized that the movie wasn’t worth their time. So, they close the movie and find other films to watch. Unfortunately, those movies would appear in the Continue Watching section. Thus, if you half-watch a lot of movies or TV shows, they would clog up the list. 

Thankfully, Netflix listened to its users and it released an update that features a way for them to remove items from the said section. You can find this feature by clicking the offending item in the Continue Watching list. Scroll down to the options and find the “Remove from Continue Watching” button. 

If you accidentally removed an item, you can choose the “undo request” button. 

Many users described this feature as a way to declutter their Netflix app. With this new feature, users don’t have to deal with those films they no longer want to see or finish watching. 

However, it’s not the largest upgrade to the Netflix UI. But for many users, it’s an important update. With this feature, they can now keep the row fresh. The new shows or movies they want to re-watch will be added and they are now easier to find. 

Whether you’re using the mobile app, TV app, or a web browser on your computer, the Continue Watching section is one of the things you first see when you open Netflix. Before, users didn’t have any control of this section. But with the latest update, you get a little more control over how you want the service to work. 

According to Netflix

“Whether you’re deleting a new pick you’re not feeling, an old favorite you’ve rewatched too many times or Marie Kondo-ing your whole row, this new button lets you constantly keep your ‘Continue Watching’ row fresh and filled with the shows and movies you can’t wait to watch.”

When Netflix tweeted this update, one of the Twitter users asked if the app could also include a “remove from” option on the suggestions list. This will definitely improve the Netflix algorithm. It helps the algorithm in suggesting the right videos to the users. 

This new feature would work like the Hide function of Amazon. 

The update comes weeks after the company announced a price increase in its subscription fees. Thus, if you have a standard plan, you’ll be paying $15.49 a month from only $13.99.

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