Netflix Adds Spatial Audio to Its Premium Plan

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Spatial Audio for Premium Plan Members 

Netflix will soon be introducing a feature that will discourage people to share their passwords with others. But before that, Netflix announced features to its Premium plan members. 

One is the spatial audio for the top 700 tiles. Then, it’s also increasing the number of devices that can download, from four to six. 

The new features are available worldwide starting today. And Premium plan members don’t have to pay extra to enjoy the new features. Netflix subscribers who are paying $19.99 a month can take advantage of these and other perks. 

The spatial audio feature was first introduced in July. But it was only available to a limited number of original titles. Now, this feature is available across 700 titles, including new titles, such as You, Luther, and Tour de France. 

You can find content that supports spatial audio by typing spatial audio in the search bar. The app will give you a list of all the movies and shows with such features. 

According to Netflix

“Netflix’s Premium plan already offers the highest quality viewing experience, with beautiful, crisp, 4K HDR video resolution without ads, the ability to watch and download series and films on four supported devices at a time, and more. Now, with Netflix spatial audio, our members with Premium will enjoy the highest quality sound experience available, whether they are watching at home on TV or a computer, or on the go with a phone or tablet.”

What is Spatial Audio? 

It’s a type of audio experience. It can simulate the location of sound sources in 3D space. As a result, it enhances the realism and immersion of the audio. You’ll also feel that the sounds come from certain places around you. 

This experience is often used in VR and gaming. The goal is to create a more immersive experience. It’s also being utilized in entertainment and music production to provide new dimensions to the audio. 

Netflix’s dominance in the industry forced some Hollywood companies to invest billions of dollars into making their own streaming operations. It also triggered streaming wars. It started in late 2019 and continues today. A growing number of companies, including traditional media companies and technology giants entered the market and introduced their own streaming platforms, like Disney Plus, Peacock, Paramount Plus, and Apple TV Plus, among others. 

As a result of various streaming options, users need to pay for more than two streaming services just to watch their favorite shows and movies online. 

Because of this, Netflix lost a great number of users during the first half of last year. As a result, the company made changes to its services. 

On top of the account-sharing fees, it would also introduce a cheaper plan with ads. This would come in November. 

Extra Membership Fees

If you want to know how Netflix will share you for account sharing, you may visit its FAQ pages. But the Help Center states that all shared devices must connect to the Wi-Fi at the main location. Netflix will use IP addresses, device IDS, and account activity to know whether a certain device is signed into an account that is connected to a primary location.

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