MySpace Undergoes a Major Makeover

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When it comes to redesigning, the social network MySpace has not always had a successful track record. Its latest makeover, however, just might work out this time. Although many have predicted that it would be yet another failure, MySpace’s new look is actually very good.

A New Investor

It can be recalled that in September, a new, unexpected investor stepped in to help revive MySpace. Perhaps it was no coincidence that this person is Justin Timberlake, the famous actor-musician who starred in the movie, The Social Network.

Apparently, Timberlake possesses huge amounts of creativity as the new MySpace is simply impressive. It is reported to have Instagram’s photo detail, Pinterest’s layout, and 8track’s playlist customization.

New MySpace layout looks a lot like Instagram; has new investor in Justin Timberlake. (Image: via

A Focus on Music

Rather than trying to be an alternative to Facebook, the new MySpace focuses on music, which has always been its most popular feature. The re-designed network still has a huge music fan following, an area which Facebook has not dominated yet. Hence, it is not surprising that music is what MySpace capitalizes on with its latest look.

With the new design, MySpace users can post “stories” similar to what statuses are for Facebook. Instead of being displayed in a horizontal manner, however, these are presented in a staggered horizontal design. This is reminiscent of Pinterest’s layout, which is attractive actually.

A Versatile Design

What can MySpace users do in the latest design? For one thing, they can control which texts or photos to show up on their homepages. Secondly, they can customize their playlists, which can be used to accompany their profiles.

This allows users to show to the world who their favorite artists and favorite songs are. Third, it is also possible to link MySpace to a user’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thus, sharing a tagged Facebook photo or a funny Tweet can be done.

The new MySpace site is not available to everyone yet, but those who are interested can add their names to a waiting list. Luckily, they will soon be asked to join the latest MySpace. This time around, the executives at the network just might have hit the mark!

What other Media  Sources Say

WebProNews said that the new MySpace “focuses heavily on music and discovery.” Furthermore, the news entity adds:

 “It appears that the new MySpace sports some of the best elementes of a streaming music service like Spotify or Pandora, and also adds a vast social networking layer on top of that.”

A lot of media outlets also said that this version is entirely different compared to any other previous version and that the company has really made a lot of steps aimed at completing a total overhaul. In fact, Technorati mentioned the “professional feel” that the new MySpace sports.

Furthermore, Mashable has positive reviews regarding the new Myspace, saying that it has “taken great pains to differentiate” the way it presents feeds as compared to how Twitter and Facebook does it.

The social networking is now music-centric, and while right now the membership is still limited, eventually MySpace said that a wider network will be opened for more users.

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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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