Mozilla Releases Firefox 8 with Twitter Search

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Firefox 8 has launched, less than six weeks following the release of Firefox 7, consistent with Mozilla’s rapid release cycle.


New features of the Firefox 8 release, which is for desktop editions of Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile Firefox for Android, includes Twitter search integration, increased support for WebGL graphics hardware acceleration, and on demand tab-group loading.  Mozilla explained in its blog post that with the inclusion of Twitter search in Firefox 8, “Twitter search in Firefox makes it easier to discover new topics, #hashtags, and usernames.”  Languages supported for the new Twitter search function are English, Portuguese, Slovenian, and Japanese, but the company will release versions for other languages in the future.



Firefox 8 with Twitter search launches

Web developers will appreciate improvements in WebGL hardware graphics acceleration; Mozilla explained it has added “support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) which lets developers load WebGL textures from other domains in a secure way.” Developers can view examples of WebGL applications here. Microsoft and Apple believe WebGL presents security problems, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 provides hardware acceleration using Window’s newest DirectX APIs.


Mozilla said in its blog post that the new Master Password feature has been added to Firefox for Android because: “This will help your private info stay private if you ever share or lose your Android device.”  Firefox 8 for Android also lets users set up icons that open to certain websites.  Firefox 8 can be downloaded here.

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Author: David John Walker

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