Mozilla Firefox “Send” for sending encrypted files now available on Android

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Mozilla Firefox “Send” is now available as an app on the Play Store—and that means you can now share/send encrypted files on your Android phones. With this launch, the file-sharing service/feature has now been graduated to a full-fledged app where every Android user can send encrypted files on their devices.

Firefox Send lets you share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires. So you can keep what you share private and make sure your stuff doesn’t stay online forever.”

Upload speed, according to Android Police has improved tremendously, you now have more control over the files you send. For example, you now have the power to determine when the link will expire, who can view it, how many times it can be downloaded, and ability to add a password for extra layer of security—and not to forget the fact that files are sent via end-to-end encryption.

Receivers of sent files from Send will get a link to download the file without the need for a Firefox account. Firefox account members will receive 2.5GB, while non-account owners will be restricted to 1GB files. Non-account members who wish to sign up can do so for free, which automatically increases the size of the files they can transfer to others.

Files on your phone, which include, but not limited to photos, videos and PDFs can be sent to others via Send. In addition, you also get access to any files stored in your cloud accounts, including Dropbox or Google Drive—but such cloud accounts must be synced to your device.

To share a file, simply choose a photo, video, or PDF from your device, hit “upload” and copy the link to your clipboard manually, then share it wherever you want to. You can also use the share button on the next screen to share files to Gmail, Slack, and Twitter.

In 2017, Mozilla launched a new website called “Send” for sharing files. At launch, Mozilla enabled file sharing up to the size of 1GB for users. After uploading your file, Mozilla will send you a link to send to someone. However, the link will disappear as soon as the person has downloaded the file or at the expiration of the 24-hour period.

The whole idea behind launching the site is to provide users with a platform to privately and quickly share file among themselves—and not to keep file hosted for a long time. Mozilla said files are encrypted as they are uploaded—and adds that it “does not have the ability to access the content of your encrypted file.”

You can see the status of previously uploaded files or delete them as you choose. As a matter of fact, you can view information about your uploaded files that are stored on your local device. Such information includes Send’s identifier for the file, the filename, and the file’s unique download link. Once your file has been deleted upon download or upon visiting Send after the file expires, the information will be cleared.

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