Most popular storage devices and wearables used by Millennials [Infographic]

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Millennials and travel go together like TGIF and Steve Urkel. The generation of carefully curated Instagram feeds always seems to be on the go, whether it’s going for a hike in the hippest undiscovered forest or visiting the most remote untraveled far-off village. Since they need to carry all their worldly belongings with them at all times and the hobo sack on the end of a stick has long since gone out of style, new organization tools are being thought up all the time. So, which are the most popular storage devices and wearables used by Millennials?

One of the greatest inventions since sliced bread is the SCOTTeVEST, a wearable luggage-like device that allows you to put extra belongings on your person, cutting down on the need to pay baggage fees. There’s room for your phone, tablet, change of clothing, toiletries, and reading materials all organized throughout the various vests and jackets.

The Grid-It and Packing Cubes are also great ways to keep your stuff organized when you are on a lengthy voyage. Organization is always the key to reducing stress on the road, and there are numerous ways to keep everything in its place and have a place for everything.Even when you are just going for a run or a hike, it’s still important to have your stuff with you. Most people don’t leave home without their wallet, keys, and phone, but if you are wearing workout gear it can be difficult to carry those things with you. And you don’t want to leave them in your car for fear they will be stolen. So there are all kinds of new gadgets and clothing items that can keep you organized during your workout or exploration time.

The Strotter Platforma is a wearable platform for your tablet in case your march out into the woods inspires you to do a little blogging. The Runnur sling can hold your ID, car keys, and smartphone while you work out without getting in the way. There are also numerous active clothing lines with hidden secure pockets to keep your necessary items from falling out or getting lost.

Millennials need special storage devices to complement their active on-the-go lifestyles. After all, why go on a hike if you can’t photograph and Instagram it immediately with your smartphone? Why travel to a far away place if you can’t put your photos on Facebook before you leave? Learn more about the latest and greatest gadgets and devices from this infographic prepared by the team at Self Storage!

Preferred storage methods and devices used by Millennials [Infographic]

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