More Nokia PureView Phones On The Way

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Those who were wishing there were more Nokia PureView phones coming from the Finnish handsets maker are in for a treat.

According to a new report from Engadget, the struggling mobile phone maker – which recently saw its crown as the world’s biggest phones vendor by volume taken away by Samsung – will make more Nokia PureView phones.

The information comes from Vesa Jutila who is  Head of Product Marketing for the upcoming Nokia 808 PureView, the publication says.

Jutila told the site that there will be more Nokia PureView handsets making their way to stores in the future but that these handsets “would not necessarily have the same 41-megapixel sensor” that the Nokia 808 PureView has been famous for.

Nonetheless, these Nokia PureView phones in the pipeline will feature Carl Zeiss lenses and oversampling techniques introduced to the world by the Nokia 808 PureView.

Talking about the Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia shocked the world with the humongous camera sensor of the phone as it unveiled it in the most recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain last February.

The 41MP sensor enables the camera to take 38MP shots and to take larger shots and process these into better smaller shots. As for pricing, the Nokia 808 PureView hit Clove UK preorder last month for a price of £538.80.

A more recent report coming from a little digging around the Nokia India site has revealed that it may be priced lower at $550 when it hits the stores.

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Nokia 808 PureView

Meanwhile, those who may be clamoring for a Windows Phone Nokie PureView smartphone are out of luck.

According to the report, Jutila “wasn’t about to be drawn on specifics” for any Nokia Lumia PureView phones which may be in development at the Finnish handset maker’s laboratories. However, this doesn’t cast off the possibility that Nokia may indeed be developing a Nokia Lumia PureView Windows Phone.

On the other hand, those who detest that bulge on the back of the Nokia 808 PureView where its massive 41-megapixel sensor is placed are in luck. According to Jutila, slimmer Nokia PureView phones are a possibility. We think here that if Nokia designed a phone with the aesthetic sensibility of the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 and pack PureView technology with it, they might have a hit.

As to when these Nokia PureView handsets may see the light of day, Jutila kept mum so we just have to wait until Nokia announces them or until a leak from the company comes forth.

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