Mobile App Trends to Look Forward to In the Near Future

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Mobile App Trends to Look Forward to In the Near Future

Technology has never moved so fast as it is right now. In all aspects of tech, advancements are being made, big and small, that are changing the ways we do business, shop, exercise, relax, and everything in between.

This list will go through some of the biggest trends within the mobile app space that will take hold, or take off, in 2021. Whether it is better exercise apps, better banking apps, or even , there are massive leaps being made across the board.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality have been rather underused in the mobile app space. Pokémon Go is probably one of the most well-known examples of the technology, but strangely, the currency pandemic has pushed the technology forward.

AR and VR technology makes it possible to visit a certain city and “walk through it”, or an art gallery, or any place really. Virtual reality environments are also being used to treat mental health issues. All of this tech is being focussed on more and more as the hardware it will go on becomes better. 

Mobile Gaming

Much like how AR and VR are advancing on mobile platforms as the hardware becomes better, the same thing applies to mobile games. Developers are able to make bigger and better games for our phones, ones with a lot more depth and playability.

Gone are the days where Snake is the best game your phone can run, Call of Duty mobile is an example of a large and expansive game on a mobile device. This will only continue to happen, with more and more developers moving towards making more “complete” mobile games.


5G, simply put, is set to make everything quicker and better. You will be able to connect over 1 million devices per square meter, as well as connect multiple different devices, from phones, to laptops, washing machines, fridges, and everything in between.

5G will increase speeds dramatically. You will get uninterrupted videos, communication apps that are clearer and crisper, and all this means that developers can lean on this speed and strength, and therefore develop bigger apps that can take advantage of it.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is already playing a major part in the tech world, with technology such as Siri and Alexa being household names. However, more and more companies are using it to develop apps that are smarter and more efficient.

Businesses take advantage of AI and use it in their development stage to make their apps smarter, and AI is also used for facial recognition, speech recognition, predictive maintenance and much more. AI is developing at such a rate that it would be silly for developers and businesses to not take advantage.

Low-Code Applications

This one is seemingly simpler, but the benefits are massive. Low-code apps and development are taking off as they allow many, many more businesses to build tailored apps for their needs.

These low-code applications and sites are a more cost-effective way for businesses to step into the app world, and take advantage of having an app. They also require less maintenance, and therefore you don’t always need an expert to help you, you can do it yourself.

Mobile Commerce Apps

The current pandemic has driven more and more people to shop online. This has been reflected by the fact that more and more businesses have made their own ecommerce apps that make it easier for customers to shop.

It should be expected that this tech and trend will only move forward, as the pandemic has forced many businesses to embrace it, if you don’t have a mobile commerce app, you are falling behind.

Modular Apps

Modular programming is going to become more and more popular as people realise the benefits. It allows you to split an app into separate parts that all run independently, but also obviously run together as one app.

The coding used allows for a more manageable section of an app, it makes the whole thing far more transparent, as well as making it much easier to find and fix bugs. Swift is a popular coding language that encourages modularization, and it is becoming more and more popular as the months go on.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has been around for a while, but it is another trend that has seen a rise in popularity recently, and will be used by retailers, hotels, restaurants, and the like to connect more with their clients.

The concept is fairly simple. Beacons are installed in your store that connect with customers’ phones through Bluetooth if they have your app. They can then be notified of sales, discounts and whatever else you choose.

This technology can also help you spot trends in your customers, such as what section or aisle do they spend the most time in, what time of offers and benefits to they like more. The possibilities are endless really.

2021 is quickly becoming a bumper year for mobile app trends and advancements, and it is either establishing new trends, or setting them up for the years ahead. It is an exciting time in the world of tech, all we can do is set back and see what exciting advancement happens next.

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