Mobile App Testing Tricks for Rookies

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Computers and mobile phones after marking their presence have brought about a major change in the human behavioural pattern. The world as we know it today was difficult to imagine a few years back. Computers and mobile phones influence a great deal today as to what we think and how we behave. The entire concept of inter-human communication is today influenced by computers and smart phones.


People sitting in the comfort of their office cubicles send emoticons to peers to express various emotions like anger, happiness and laughter. Social apps like WhatsApp are present in every smart phone to communicate with people sitting thousands of kilometres away. Our world has definitely become small with the presence of these gadgets.

In order to cut the chase and to come down straight to business, a reliable app is what every user wants today to ensure that his inter-human communication remains uninterrupted and his other requirements from mobile apps like shopping, travelling, booking air tickets etc. are also taken care of. To ensure a reliable app, a developer must check it thoroughly to ensure that it is technically sound and devoid of any bugs or errors. Here are a few smart tricks which a rookie app developer must learn to test his app.


First of all let us understand as to why mobile application testing is important

  • Device disparities are in abundance when it comes to smart phones and tablets. Smart phones come in various screen sizes, with different resolutions, different memories etc. Some have a QWERTY keypad, whereas others have a touch screen. So how can you be sure if your app will work perfectly on all types of devices without testing?
  • Different platforms are used by different manufactures. Apple uses IOS, Samsung and others use Android, Nokia uses Windows and some use Blackberry. Cross platform testing is also necessary for apps to perform optimally.
  • New and updated Operating systems pose another challenge for testing. Android comes out with a new OS every few months. Recently it has launched Lollipop, earlier it was kit Kat and Jelly bean. Compatibility issues are bound to rise with such frequent changes.

Tricks a rookie app developer must know to test his app

  1. Device selection: Choose a device with is common and widely used. It would be most appropriate to take advice from your client as he will surely point towards a device which is extremely popular in the market.
  1. Emulators: Emulators are tools which help check as app in the initial development phase for accuracy. They provide accurate and reliable results. An emulator provides an actual environment for the app to function. Most mobile emulators are open source and free to download. Emulators are of 3 basic types. Device emulators are the one’s which are provided by hardware manufacturers, Browser emulators are the one’s which can simulate a browser environment for testing and lastly Operating system emulators, which can simulate OS environments for app testing. A few common emulators are Screenfly, iPhone tester and MobiReady.
  1. Cloud computing testing: Cloud computing offers a very cost effective and reliable means for testing mobile apps. An app can be run on multiple environments on the internet with cloud computing. Apart from testing apps can be updated and managed easily.
  1. Automatic v/s Manual testing: If an app has less functions and needs to be tested just once or twice then test it manually or else go for an automated script testing. Automated scripts are good for regressive testing of apps. Automation testing is of 2 types namely Object based and image based.
  1. Network testing: Testing is important on different types of networks like 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.
  1. Other parameters of an app testing: It is essential to monitor an app’s performance on a few parameters while the app is running on a device like battery consumption, application’s speed, and its download time in a limited data plan, its physical memory requirement etc. It is also elementary to check if the app is crashing or not.

Without proper testing an app will remain incomplete. Improper testing and releasing it in a haste can cause co-lateral damage for the app developer and the users.

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Author: Macy Jones

Macy Jones started her career as a freelance app developer in Melbourne, Australia and is now employed with AppXperts, a company which provides app development services. You can contact her on Facebook or Twitter.

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