Misfit introduced its newesT wearable device, the Misfit Flare

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Fossil-owned company, Misfit comes up with a new fully touchscreen Android Wear-powered fitness tracker aptly named, the flare. It is available to purchase at an affordable $59.99 price point, but sadly only one band color (Black Sport) is available. Like all other Misfit smartwatch, this alien looking smartwatch is designed to track your step, distance traveled, sleep quality and calories burned. The Flare’s abilities are not limited, it also track your different tracking activities like running, walking, basketball, and swimming but if you want track your swim laps then you will require a $10 in-app purchase. You can also read out it specs detail at Vogatech.

Misfit Flare Design

The smartwatch features a conventional aluminum frame along with a touch-sensitive crystal surface where you would typically find a smartwatch face, but in its place is a single pulsating LED. A double tap on the Flare causes an LED indicator to flash. A single flash, meaning that a user is 25% of the way towards an activity goal, a double flash is 50%, and a triple flash is 75%. A light animation indicates the activity goal for the day has been reached.

misfit flair

Misfit Flare Features

The Flare can track steps, calories burned, and distance covered, and it is intended to work comfortably all day and night. The Flare also matches up with its brethren nicely, as it’s designed to be worn all day and is water resistant up to 50 meters and, like some of Misfit’s other tracker, never needs charging. The fitness tracker’s battery lasts 4 months, and replacements can be had for $6.

Misfit Flare Specs

  • Fully molded on a sleek, comfortable TPU strap for effortless day to night styling
  • Smart button enables you to control connected household devices
  • Control Your World Smart button functionality enables you to play music, do a presentation, take a selfie, and so much more. Just sync up and connect your Flare to the Misfit Link App.
  • Flare features a capacitive touch sensor meaning that you can check on daily progress whenever and wherever.
  • Sync Wirelessly No plugs required. Sync your Flare wirelessly from your phone to keep your stats up-to-date.

If you are looking to try out something new and different, the Flare is right for you. It is powered by a replaceable battery, which Misfit says that should last about four months.

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