Minterapp Review – A Liberating Tool that Tracks Time and Creates Invoices Anywhere

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The use of Minterapp is truly liberating. This online time tracking application can free up a few hours of your work time each week as it can monitor how much time you spent in a project, automatically.


Since it’s in the cloud, . For its exceptional customer service, it’s no wonder it has become a go-to app for freelancers and IT small businesses.

We also like the fact that it supports several payment options, such as PayPal,, and Stripe. We also applaud its simplified interface and innovative features.


Tracking time doesn’t have to be difficult with Minterapp. You can easily convert an estimate into an invoice with a few mouse clicks. And you’ll potentially be paid twice as fast because of its integration with payment gateways.


This app recognizes the fact that most small business owners and freelancers aren’t accountants. But Minterapp makes accounting satisfying.

Time-Saving Features

Minterapp is designed to help you save time and the hassle in tracking your time. It has auto-fill features, which are useful in creating your client accounts. With its integration with other platforms, this app can easily send out invoices.

It can also manage several billing rates and assign expenses.  You can set it up one time to start tracking.

To understand your income better, you can tag your invoices so that you know where your revenue is coming from. The online time sheet will also give you a complete insight of where your time is going.

For its pro package, you can add as many users as you can within one account.

It’s also integrated with Basecamp, which is another popular online collaboration application in the world.

With these two combined, you can have an easy way to set up your project timelines, assign tasks, check in with your clients or members of your team, upload/download documents, and, submit invoice.

The use of Minterapp will become a lot easier if you’re also using Basecamp.

Remote Access

This app is on cloud allowing you to access your account anywhere. While away from your desk, you can still monitor how much time you spend on one project and submit invoice to your clients using another computer.

Additional Accounting/Business Services

This time-tracking solution is compatible with a variety of payment processors. Paypal is one of them. You can integrate this app with the Paypal Express Checkout and Business payments.

If you like using another payment option, Minterapp can be connected to your account to collect payments. It also works with Stripe.

Anywhere in the world, you can get paid with Minterapp. With the integration of several other apps, you can simplify payments and tag invoices.

Minterapp is like have an accounting professional working with you or virtual assistant in your pocket. With it, you no longer need to go over the details of your work time again and again.

Currently, it’s offering a free trial for their Simple, Business and Enterprise Plans. Take advantage of it to test out the features of Minterapp.

Using Minterapp, you can keep track of your time anywhere and effortlessly. You’ll also get paid faster. You can manage your clients regardless of their location and currency.

And most of all, it liberates you from learning traditional accounting and time tracking. Instead, you’ll spend more time in strategizing on how to be more successful in your business or freelancing activities.

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Author: Firdaus

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