Microsoft’s Xbox One X, “world’s most powerful console” goes on sale

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Microsoft has just announced that the Xbox One X, which it described as “world’s most powerful console,” is now available to consumers in 35 markets globally. Consumers in those markets will be able to get the console for $499 at the biggest retailers as well as at the Microsoft Store.

The new Xbox is 40 percent more powerful than any other game console currently available on the market—and that’s according to its specifications. As a high-end console, the Xbox One X is aimed at making gaming mainstream. Though, it is built in the same light as previous version in terms of accessories and games, the latest console to come out of Microsoft offers unmatched audio and 4K visual capabilities.

With 4K visual capabilities, your living room will be turned into a home theater. To be able to use the built-in Blu-ray player and other features, you will need a TV with a 4K support.

Though, it is built with more power, the latest console to hit the market from Microsoft is about the same size as the Xbox One S. Probably based on feedback it received from consumers, the new console uses a vapor chamber cooling system, which means it’s able to produce a soft hum when playing games.


The Xbox One X features a new HDD, which reduces the loading time, three USB slots, standard optical, IR Blaster and HDMI ports.

The Xbox One X, according to Phil Spencer, head of gaming, Microsoft, will offer gamers a reliable console to play their games. In a press statement announcing the availability of the console to a global market, Spencer said:

We built Xbox One X to give game creators the most powerful platform to bring their visions to life and to give gamers the best console to play the games of the past, present, and future,” said Phil Spencer, head of gaming, Microsoft Corp. “We’re excited to offer gamers the world’s most powerful console with access to the largest games lineup in Xbox history – more than 1,300 titles and more than 220 exclusives.”

Though, there are no records to prove its claim, Microsoft said the pre-order program of the console was a huge success. The company said it expects the Xbox One X to be a huge success in terms of sales this holiday season. Apparently, the console is only available in limited quantities; explaining why Microsoft is encouraging gaming fans worldwide to get the new console early.

From launch day one, gamers will have access to Forza 7, FIFA 18, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Super Lucky’s Tale. 50 games according to Microsoft, have already been added to the Xbox One X Enhanced title list. Also, 20 more games will be added to the console in the coming days. “The Xbox One games library consists of more than 1,300 games and more than 220 exclusives, all of which play best on Xbox One X,” Microsoft said on the official Xbox One website.

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