Microsoft Working On New Cortana-Enabled Office App

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Software giants Microsoft is working on new Cortana digital assistant to its Office app, reports The Verge and a couple of other sources. Microsoft is at the moment carrying out a test on a “Work Assistant” app that is designed to use Cortana to open, edit, and share documents using a voice commands and Cortana.

Digging up further, The Verge reports that the initial app is just a prototype at the moment. Quoting sources familiar with the story, the report said that the intention of the company is to integrate Cortana into Office across mobile and desktop platforms in a not too distant future.

What this means is that Cortana could arrive on both Android and iOS perhaps, in the future or at least basic features that are powered by the software giant’s digital assistant.


Microsoft recently launched Office for Android and iOS, and has sustained efforts to ensure its services and apps are available across all platforms; I wouldn’t be surprised if Cortana leap.

According to ZDNET, the Work Assistant app is being developed by the Applications and Services group, which is under the watchful eyes of Qi Lu, the executive vice president, Julie Larson-Green, the chief experience officer, and Bill Gates. The prototype app, which is still a “mystery” sure has some top guns behind it, and might be a big one to look out for.

The app was spotted in the Windows Phone store by WMPU, and could be the app to provide the same feature line-up the same way Clippy did; but this time around with a big difference. It is expected to work specifically on phones, and not on desktops. Though, nothing is ruled out at this state as the software giant could still decide to bring it on all platforms as soon as development is completed.
The new Microsoft Work Assistant can help you carry out a number of Office tasks on Windows Phone, and also features support for Cortana. In other words, it is an improved version of Cortana specifically focussed on Office, which means you can always ask it for more information on specific feature of the productivity suit by simply using a voice command.

Currently the app is available when you click on the official link, but since it is still in private beta development, you won’t be able to test it despite its availability.

No news has been broken on the app by Microsoft, but that shouldn’t take long anymore as work continues.

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