Microsoft Wants You to Forget About Windows 8.1

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The end of support is near.

Windows Users 8.1 Users Will Get Notifications 

Are you still running Windows 8.1? If you are, then don’t be surprised to receive a notification about the OS’s end of support that will happen on January 10, 2023.

ZDNet reported that Microsoft is prepping a campaign that will remind these users to migrate to the new version of Windows. The notifications will commence next month. 

What Does End of Support Mean? 

It means that you can still use Windows 8.1. However, Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for this version. 

Without those patches, your device running Windows 8.1 will be vulnerable to several attacks. In that case, you will want to upgrade your device and start installing Windows 10 or 11. But you need to pay up to upgrade. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to upgrade, you can just use an antivirus product. Or you just need to be careful when using your device and what you store in it. Since it will be vulnerable to flaws, your data can get easily hacked or infected. 

The notifications will only provide information for users. If you see them, you can click Learn More or just ignore them by choosing the Remind Me Later option. 

The end of support will only affect 0.53% of users across the user base. In that case, it will not have a significant effect. 

However, Microsoft stated that the end of support will mean that you won’t get updates from Microsoft 365 apps when the deadline arrives. 

To make sure that your device is protected, consider migrating to a new operating system. But first, you must move your files. The good thing is that moving files from Windows 8.1 to a new device is easy. 

You can just One Drive to help you out. When using it to move your files, you have to sign in using your Microsoft account. Then, choose to upload your files so you can easily download them from a new PC.

On the other hand, you can install Windows 11 on your current PC. That is if it meets the requirements. However, most PCs that run Windows 8.1 are not likely to meet the guidelines. But if your device does, then choose to buy and download Windows 11 Home or Pro. 

Choosing to install Windows 11 on your current PC will mean that you have to reinstall your apps. Microsoft also suggests upgrading to Windows 10 first before upgrading to Windows 11 to make the transition a lot easier. 

However, you must remember that Windows 10 won’t be supported starting on October 14, 2025. But there’s still a long way to go. If your PC can’t run Windows 11 yet but you can install Windows 10, then choose the latter option.

The end support will also mean that you need to purchase a new device. In that way, you can download the new OS without difficulty. Or you can just use MacBook or Chromebook.

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