Microsoft Updates Bing Search Engine With New Quick Answers Feature

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Bing has been updated to include a new quick answers feature. This new update by Microsoft serves up local information without the need to click on a search result.

Microsoft calls them Fact Answers, and they appear at the top of the search engine page. All you need to do to find a phone number for a business is to add the word “phone” to your query.

“We’ve just released a simpler way to find more local information and directions. These new facts at the top of the search page aim to provide simple answers to searches for things like phone numbers for restaurants, the hours of your local mall, or directions to your friend’s house.


The search engine will figure out where you are located, and try to provide you with the phone number for the location nearest to where you are.

“Need help figuring out whether that unbelievable sale item is still around and you can’t waste another moment? Or want to celebrate your savings with a nice dinner? Just search for the phone number and we’ll give it to you right there.”

Bing users looking for a restaurant for instance, can find out from the Microsoft-owned search engine for the hours of operation of a business appending ‘hours’ to their search. Bing will know the day of the week and highlight it.

The search engine has also made sure you no longer have to use its Bing Maps when looking for directions as its new feature will show you the best route with distance as well as travel time information.

“Now, how to get there? Just ask for directions and you can see a quick answer showing the best route with distance and travel time information. Click on turn by turn directions to get the full route details.” See screenshot here.

This looks like one of those features a lot of users are going to fall in love with right away. It simplifies how you find your way around a particular place, and enables you to focus on other pressing matters.

“Once you’re out and about, keep your options open and your answers instant through on your phone. Got a chance to meet an old friend for a catch up but not sure if the timing works out? Ask for hours of operation to help make the call so that you can focus on more pressing things like coming up with a witty joke to bring back the nostalgia of high school.”

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Author: Firdaus

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