Microsoft Unveiled Ocean Plastic Mouse

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It’s a small step for the company towards a larger sustainability journey. 

Made of 20% Recycled Ocean Plastic 

Microsoft wants everyone to know that it’s embracing sustainability from now on. To show it, Microsoft unveiled its notable mouse made of 20% recycled ocean plastic. The Ocean Plastic mouse is also packed in a 100% recyclable box. 

Last year, Microsoft announced that it was going to stop producing trash from its operations starting in 2030. Microsoft also promised that the packaging by 2025 will be different because it won’t be using single-use plastics. 

This is the company’s part of its zero-waste goal. It has set up Circular Centers to enable the company to reuse/recycle most of its waste on-site. In that case, it won’t be sending its trash to third-party recyclers anymore. 

It also vowed to remove waste from its manufacturing process. However, it didn’t promise that its suppliers would have the same zero-waste goal as Microsoft. 

The New Mouse

The Ocean Plastic mouse will come in a small box made of recyclable wood and sugarcane fibers. The company also mentioned a program that allows people to send their old mice for recycling. 

The plastic shell is made from plastic waste that has been recovered from oceans and waterways. The plastic waste is turned into pellets and mixed with other materials to produce the shell of the mouse. 

Microsoft partnered with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) to create the resin. The involvement of Big Oil in an eco-friendly product is surprising. The petrochemical industry has responded to many companies shifting to EV by focusing on plastics. 

Plastics are projected to be the biggest source of demand for oil in the coming decades. Oil companies are shifting their investment to petrochemicals. The industry is planning to push more plastic and plastic waste. 


You can pre-order this mouse today at $24.99. In addition to it being made of recyclable materials, it also features Bluetooth Low Energy wireless. With just one AA battery, the mouse can last up to 12 months of battery. You can replace the battery or recharge it without throwing the entire thing. 

You can customize the buttons through downloadable Mouse and Keyboard Center software. 

Metric Tons of Waste to Landfills 

E-waste has become a problem now. And Microsoft wants to help.

Last year, the company’s largest office sent over 3,00 metric tons of waste to landfills. But with the new commitment to the environment, it could bring down to zero. 

However, Microsoft isn’t the only one that produces e-waste. Manufacturers of gadgets that work with Microsoft produce much bigger electronic waste. 

People around the world throw over 53.6 million metric tons of electronic waste in 2019 alone. And we can surmise that the figure will just grow. 

Many environmentalists recognized that electronics companies are doing a great job of designing excellent products. However, they are concerned that, with increasing consumer demand, the coolest gadget or product today will be tomorrow’s junk. 

Advocates are pushing companies to design their products to last longer. They also urge them to collect and recycle the devices they make.

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