Microsoft to Shut Down Internet Explorer

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Microsoft will completely phase out Internet Explorer on June 15. 

Internet Explorer in 1995 

It was first introduced in 1995. It was part of a package for Windows 95. As part of the package, Microsoft began to provide it for free. 

Its usage peaked in 2003 when 95% of Windows users are choosing this browser. Unfortunately, it could not keep up. 

Its user base began to go down as it faced fierce competition. Competitors released new browsers offering better user interfaces than Internet Explorer. 

Moreover, IE competitors have faster Internet speed and offer smoother performance. Over time, it has become a browser used to install other browsers. 

The Future of Internet Explorer 

Last year, Microsoft 365 stopped its support for Internet Explorer. Then, in 2020, Microsoft Teams halted its support for this browser. 

The future of this browser on Windows 10 lies in Microsoft Edge. It’s a faster browser that offers a better browsing experience compared to the old browser. It can address compatibility issues for older websites and apps. 

Microsoft Edge has a built-in Internet Explorer mode. With this feature, you can access legacy IE sites and apps straight from the Edge. Because Microsoft Edge could assume IE’s responsibility, users no longer need it. 

Bring Back Memories 

If you have used it in the 1990s or early 200s, pretty sure you will have internet memories of this browser. It has served as the first gateway to the WWW. It was also the most popular way to download Google Chrome, Firefox, and other popular browsers. 

Even though it was the first gateway to the world wide web, IE has become the most hated browser. The trouble began when IE started to integrate it into Windows as part of its required component. Because of that, it has become challenging to uninstall the browser. 

When it became widespread, it tried to push Netscape out of the competition. That’s why a lot of people considered Bill Gates’ company an evil empire. 

In 2001, IE had no competition. It dominated the market with the release of IE 6. Because of its dominating role, Microsoft stopped trying to improve the browser. 

Security Holes

Microsoft decided not to try enhancing the browser anymore. As a result, Firefox and other browsers have improved their features while IE suffered from various bugs, scrutiny holes, and other things that made IE a terrible browser. 

It took the company five years to revive IE by releasing IE7. It added tabs and made it slightly more tolerable. But it failed. It was still difficult to deal with. 

Microsoft has learned its lessons and released an improvement in the form of Microsoft Edge. It’s blazing fast. And it complies with Internet standards. Edge has become a better choice over IE. 

The company recommends switching to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer. Or if you don’t like Edge, you can download other browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. With so many options available, you can test different browsers and find the one that meets your needs. If you are looking for the most secure browser, you may consider Firefox.

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