Microsoft Search unifies searches across Office, Windows, Bing, Edge, and more

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Microsoft has refined, expanded, and unified search across its products. It highlights a smart search box that will find information from Windows, Office, Bing, Edge and all its productivity apps.

For years, Microsoft worked hard to create a unified, custom search experience across all products under the Office 365 suite. Now it wants to bring the same convenience to Windows 10.

Microsoft said last year at its Ignite event that its holy grail for search allows users to search from anywhere without breaking the workflow. It also launched Bing for Business to bring Intranet search for enterprises.

The Microsoft Search box

This year, Microsoft announced at ignite a more polished, expandable search mission. The tech giant plans to put the search box “in a consistent, prominent place” across Windows, Office, Bing and Edge apps.

The company has upgraded the search box so users can find people, commands for apps, related content, and other information while typing. It will read the context and give proactive search results and recommendations.

Starting today, Microsoft will roll out an opt-in preview of Microsoft Search to, and the SharePoint Mobile app. It will come to Windows, Edge, and other Office versions in the next months, heading to 2019. (NOTE: Bing for Business is now Microsoft Search in Bing.)

Adding Windows and Edge to the Office search mission is part of Microsoft’s shift towards the Microsoft 365. The suite includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Earlier this year, the company reorganized its higher ups. It moved some of the Windows team under the head of the Office organization.

Leaks emerged over the past year of a new search experience for Windows 10. The rumor mill thought Cortana would detach from search and refine the difference between local PC search results and Web search results. After those leaks, Microsoft split its Windows team in two, one half went to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Search will show itself through different search experiences across Microsoft 365. Cortana may use Search as a resource, depending on the query.

Microsoft Graph

Microsoft officials last year said the technology behind Microsoft Search is a combination of the Microsoft Graph, its centralized API, and the semantic knowledge of Bing. The experience is more tailored and the search more unified.

Microsoft said Graph has a good grasp of a user’s work life—the documents, entities, workmates, and other daily signals. Bing has a better understanding of the world outside an organization, with machine reading comprehension, acronym and entity extraction, and computer vision.

Officials said the integration of Microsoft Graph and Bing will let Microsoft Search answer simple to complex queries. It uses machine reading comprehension, along with an understanding of an organization’s internal documents.

We will keep you posted once we learn more details.

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