Microsoft reportedly working on movies and TV app for Android and iOS

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Seems like Microsoft’s decision to relax focus on Windows 10 mobile is finally yielding some positive vibes. Apps like Edge and the Microsoft Launcher have been doing pretty well lately, gaining massively in user base, with millions of users putting their money on the two apps in particular. Both apps have been doing greatly in terms of download on the Play Store and Apple Store.

The sync is amazing—you can switch from a Windows phone to an Android phone without any hitch these days. Apparently, the encouragement it received from the two aforementioned apps may have prompted Microsoft to start working on adding is Movies & TV, and that is per Windows Central. Usually, you only find that app on Windows-based platforms like Windows 10 PC, Xbox, and Windows 10 Mobile.

Citing sources familiar with the story, Windows Central reports that Microsoft is working on bringing its Movies & TV service to both Android and iOS. The sources added that the aim of this project is to give consumers more reasons to buy content in the Microsoft Store.

Sounds like a project that might work considering how huge a market we have out there—and that is talking about streaming of content. The app, when released, will draw attention of the large market out there to Microsoft’s huge store that is largely unknown to a larger percentage of the market out there.

No date has been mentioned yet as to when the app will movies and TV app will be ready for use. However, time as usual will tell how true this story is.

In related news, Microsoft is reportedly joining the Movies Anywhere program anytime soon. The Movies Anywhere program allows you to watch content purchased from various supported digital stores anywhere you want. In other words, you can watch or play movies purchased from iTunes in Google Play since both providers have signed up to the program. People are already accessing and enjoying the service, and it is easy to understand why Microsoft is gearing up to be a part of it.

Last month, Microsoft added a new location-tracking feature to its Android Launcher app. The feature will allow you to track the last known location of your family. Also included is an activity report of what apps are currently being used on your device and for how long.

The location-tracking feature is coming as part of a wider set of family-related improvements on both Android and the web. Prior to this update, users could only block offensive websites on desktop, but that has now changed as users can now do the same thing on Android. What that means is that any website blocked on Windows machines will be extended to the Edge browser for Android as well.

Formerly known and called the Arrow Launcher, Microsoft Launcher offers a wide range of beautiful features and themes to change the look and feel of your Android phone. You can access your calendar, documents, and recent activities in your personalized feed; but not without a Microsoft account or work/school account.

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