Microsoft Breaking Up with Calibri After Nearly 15 Years

Microsoft is still finding the next default font and you can help the company in picking its replacement.

Calibri has been the default font of Microsoft on all Office products since 2007. Some people like it while others don’t fancy it at all. That’s why Microsoft decided to change it. 

Microsoft selected five custom fonts and it wants its users to help in picking the next default font. 

From Times to New Roman to Calibri 

When Calibri replaced Times New Roman as the default font across the operating system in 2007, Microsoft hasn’t changed it until now. 

The company is asking for your help and pick the next default font by going to Microsoft’s official Twitter page. 

There are 5 original, custom fonts that you can choose from. These are Bierstadt, Grandview, Seaford, Skeena, and Tenorite.

While the company is evaluating which font will replace Calibri, Microsoft has made those custom fonts available to the public. 

To access them, you need to use cloud fonts. They are hosted in the cloud and you have to download them so you can use the fonts in all Office apps. 

Is It Time to Replace Calibri? 

For 15 years, analysts said that it’s about time to replace it. Even the creator of Calibri is glad that Microsoft wants to replace his creation. 

Luca de Groot, Calibri’s designer, said that it’s a relief to let the typeface be replaced. 

Calibri was created in the early 2000s. It belongs to a group of fonts for enhanced screen reading. 

Computer displays before didn’t have pixel density to render all founts. But they changed when Microsoft introduced new ClearType technology in 2000. It optimized the resolution, thereby, making Calibri easier to read. 

Microsoft liked Calibri so much that it made it the default font when it released Windows Vista in 2007. 

It never became as popular as Helvetica though. But customers didn’t turn against it. 

Even though there’s nothing wrong with this default font, Microsoft thinks that it’s about time to replace it after nearly two decades as it has gone out of fashion. 

The five new fonts bring a fresh take. Bierstadt is like Swiss typography while Grandview is an industrial kind of font. 


Microsoft will announce the new default font this year. The company hasn’t crowd-tested its typefaces in the past. 

But the company believes that this idea will help the company in picking the right choice. 

Furthermore, when people are given options, it will help in minimizing some of the pressure. 

People have already shared their opinion on the fonts presented. For instance, some people think that Tenorite is blocky while some think that Grandview is awesome. 

Other people, however, don’t care about the new fonts. They don’t think that Calibri needs replacement because it works just fine. 

No matter which font that Microsoft will pick, you can still change the font that you wish to use in your documents. 

If you wish to participate, go and visit Microsoft’s Twitter page to comment. The font that you choose might be the next default font on all Microsoft Office products.

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