Microsoft patents AR technology that will help us find lost items

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If you constantly misplace your car keys or your wallet in the house Microsoft could help you find them with the aid of HoloLens



Augmented reality will have a strong presence in 2017. And AR systems are here to integrate with the physical world and combine it with digital data. So, with this in mind Microsoft has a brilliant idea. According to a MSPU report the tech company is working on an AR technology that could identify inanimate objects and track them down.

Microsoft’s patent application reveals more details about the upcoming technology. Once you identify an object the system would track it down and alert the user when there is movement.

And this is what Microsoft has to say about it:

“The tracking of the location or other state of objects may occupy a significant amount of effort in everyday life. Further, much time may be spent in trying to locate misplaced objects. For example, searching for misplaced car keys, wallets, mobile devices, and the like may cause people to lose productive time. Likewise, forgetting that the milk carton in the home refrigerator is almost empty may lead to an extra trip to the store that could have been avoided had the shopper remembered the state of the milk carton. In some instances, such objects may be moved, emptied, etc. by a person other than the owner, thereby complicating the task of tracking.”

“Briefly, a mobile device, such as a see-through display worn by a user, may comprise image sensors that observe the user’s environment. Video data from the image sensors may be processed to detect objects in the user’s environment, and to identify tracked objects in the video data. State information, such as location and other characteristics, of tracked objects may then be stored. This may allow for the output of an alert regarding the state of a tracked object upon detection of an alert trigger, such as a user request or a contextual clue. The state information may be stored locally, and/or uploaded to a remote service. Where multiple people utilize object-tracking devices as disclosed herein, each person may become aware of changes to objects made by other users via the sharing of object tracking information. In this manner, a user may be able to discover a most recent location of lost keys, may be provided with a reminder to buy more milk while browsing the dairy section at a grocery store, and/or may track and recall other object state information in any suitable manner.”

The technology will be featured to the HoloLens, but don’t expect to use it any time soon. Such tech consumes a great amount of battery life, so Microsoft has to solve this issue first. Many believe that in the next few years we should have the chance to keep track of our most important everyday objects.

Until then you should keep an eye on your keys.

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Author: Martha Papadimitriou

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