Microsoft Invests in TurboHercules

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Software giant Microsoft has invested in a small French business called TurboHercules SAS in what analysts are saying is a move by the Windows OS maker to attack rival IBM by proxy. According to reports, TurboHercules received an undisclosed amount from Microsoft.

Experts say that the move may be a signal that Microsoft is stepping up the ante in its push in the mainframe and cloud business.

The small French software company is involved in a clash between IBM when it filed a complaint with the European Commission, the antitrust division of the European Union, prompting the commission to launch two investigations into IBM’s practices.

The Paris-based company is accusing Big Blue of monopolizing the mainframe business by tying its mainframe software with its mainframe hardware products, essentially locking out competition.

TurboHercules is a software development company making emulation software based on the open-source Hercules platform. Their software shows businesses that they may be able to implement lower-cost solutions.

Other companies have also filed complaints against IBM similar to those filed by TurboHercules, accusing the company of unfair trade practices in Europe.

Estimates by experts put the mainframe business to be a $25 billion business yearly. Microsoft has tried several times in the past to enter the mainframe business and lately, analysts have noticed it has taken interest in small businesses which threaten the position of IBM.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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