Microsoft Edge Supports Cloud-Streamed Games on Steam Deck

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Steam Deck is now an all-in-one portable gaming machine.

Web-Based Cloud Gaming Service

Any web-based cloud gaming service will now work on Steam Deck, making it an all-in-one portable gaming machine. The Deck comes with Chrome and Firefox. However, this update won’t work with either browser. 

What you need to do is to install and configure the Linux beta of Edge. The process can be pretty complex as you need to jump through a few hoops in the machine’s Arch Linux environment. 

However, once the process is done, you can get a browser to recognize the Steam Deck’s triggers, buttons, and joysticks as video game input. 

“We’re particularly excited about this ourselves as we feel it can open new opportunities in the Linux gaming community. Additionally, you can still play a range of titles from Xbox Game Studios natively on Steam Deck today.” 


Even though Xbox Game Studios titles can run natively on the Deck, Xbox GamePass isn’t available. Thus, subscribers will need to stream titles from the Microsoft service. 

With the update, the Linux version of Edge will now include support for Steam Deck controls. Microsoft provided instructions on how to create a link to Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Deck to make it easier to access it in the future. 

This latest support comes after Microsoft released information about Xbox Game Studios titles for the handheld. 

Earlier this month, Steam Deck owners could install Windows 10. Valve released the all-important Wi-Fi, Bluetooth drivers that you need to download and play games. You need to wipe a Deck to do it. Valve can only install Windows 10 because the Deck’s current BIO doesn’t include firmware TPM support. 

An Attractive Option for Deck Gamers 

The new method won’t flag gamepad commands to be cloud-gaming exclusive. Thus, Stadia players will just have to change the URL to After that, the whole Stadia library will stream from Google’s servers to the Steam Deck. 

It’s a more viable option for Deck gamers than having to install Windows 10 on the Deck just to access native game installations. 

Furthermore, there’s evidence that performance for Deck games that are locally installed is better in StreamOS than on Windows. However, it still varies depending on the game. 

If you wish Destiny 2 to run at 60 fps on the Deck, Stadia will help you get there before Windows. The Stadia version of Destiny 2 runs at high settings while it runs on low-to-medium Destiny 2 settings on the Windows 10 version on the deck. 

Both Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming performed well through a wireless 5Hz Wi-Fi signal in image quality and latency. 

Before you try to follow the instructions to get Xbox Cloud Gaming and Microsoft Edge installed on the Deck, make sure you have a mouse and keyboard connected to the Deck. Microsoft also recommends using Steam+X to access the touch keyboard and the touch display. For detailed instructions, click here.

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