Microsoft brings “Play My Emails” to Outlook on Android


Microsoft is bringing “Play My Emails” to Outlook on Android months after doing the same on the iOS version of the email service. The feature was actually added to iOS sometimes in November last year, but is now rolling out to Android users.

Play My Emails along with a couple of other feature is being added to Outlook to make the email app even more appealing to users and more competitive especially in the face of mounting competition from Gmail.

The feature will soon become available, and once all is set, you will be able to listen to new messages by simply tapping a popup that appears when you connect your audio device. Cortana will then take over and start reading your unread emails as well as your event updates. You also get the benefits of having your calendar events created based on your emails—this and many more done through voice prompts or by simply tapping on-screen buttons.

Per Android Police, Microsoft is also rolling out displaying relevant emails under calendar events, and a one-tap Join button for meetings conducted over Zoom, Webex, and other services.

You can start the Play My Emails feature by going to the hamburger menu on Outlook or by simply asking Cortana. Cortana begins by giving you an overview of your communications and informing you if your schedule for the day has in anyway changed. It has the capacity to skip to those important emails and let you know if a particular message would make a better read on a screen, has an attachment, or is part of a thread.

There are so many things you can get Cortana to do with this new feature. You can ask the assistance to skip, archive, or delete an email. Cortana can also be asked to send quick replies or flag a conversation that require your attention later. Unlike text-to-speech, Play My Emails relies more on Microsoft’s artificial intelligence. With this, Cortana has more contextual awareness of the senders, their job titles, message content, and attached files among many others.

Last year, Android Police reported that Microsoft will be adding a host of playback options for users even while you are connected to Bluetooth headphones. Plans are also being made to introduce support for the Surface Earbuds. With Play My Emails, Microsoft’s main focus is to help you go through your emails without the need to dedicate daily timeslots just to read them.

The Play My Emails feature has already started rolling out; but it could still take a couple of days until gets to your device.

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