Microsoft’s Bing to serve Baidu’s English-language search

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Chinese search superstar Baidu has announced that it will be using Microsoft’s Bing search engine to serve English-language searches on its website.

adamjackson1984 / Flickr (CC BY-NC)The move comes as Baidu is setting its sights on international markets and Microsoft is eager to get a share of the massive Chinese market which Google has somewhat given up on.

According to Reuters, Baidu has told them that English language searches on Baidu will be redirected to Bing and Bing will then deliver the results to Baidu’s websites.

Estimates say that Baidu has about three fourths or more of the internet search market share in China while Google has less than 20 percent and declining.

Google has withdrawn its search engine in China over clashes with the Chinese government over its censorship policy.

Microsoft’s Bing has a negligible market share in China even as it operates there by agreeing to the country’s censorship conditions.

According to The Associated Press, no financial details about the Baidu-Bing search deal has been revealed yet and Reuters says that Bing will not have to agree to more censorship that what it is already applying to its Chinese search results because of the new deal.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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