Metaverse Offers Pet Ownership Minus the Mess and Allergens

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Metaverse Offers Pet Ownership Minus the Mess and Allergens

As the world continues to advance by leaps and bounds in the online realm, with new social media platforms and ways to stay virtually connected around every corner, every dinner plate, and every selfie, the Metaverse promises to be the biggest thing we’ve seen since Facebook. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg says we’ll be able to do just about anything we can imagine in this virtual world. The Metaverse will encompass everything from VR and AR, to holograms, avatars, games, NFTs, and even motion tracking. 

Already, the Metaverse is worth 47.69 billion dollars, with 45% of its revenue generated in North America. This new platform aims to connect the digital and physical world in a tangible and more meaningful way than ever before, and its market growth is expected to be astronomically fast. 

Although there are concerns about privacy, user identity, and getting users to use payment systems, the Metaverse is already off to a running start. In this new Metaverse, users can create avatars, create works of art, own items, interact with up to 20 people in a virtual space, trade assets and more. 

One of the aspects of Metaverse life that is garnering much attention is the ability to own pets. Of course, pets are a huge part of our physical lives, and owning virtual pets is nothing new, but the Metaverse brings a fresh perspective and a more realistic twist to the virtual pet ownership arena. 

Metapets are avatars that are designed to look and interact with people like real, physical pets. They’re created with holographic and 3D technology, and chipped pets can even be remotely monitored. 

The four main pet platforms currently operating in the Metaverse are MetaPets, MetaGochi, Axie Infinity, and CryptoKitties. Each of these platforms offers a unique pet ownership experience and can be wonderful for those who want the experience of owning a pet without the physical drawbacks, or for those who are mourning a beloved pet. 

Users on the MetaPets platform can design their own virtual pets, train them, dress them, compete in dog shows, and even generate revenue with them. 

The MetaGochi platform, branded to be the biggest in the Metaverse,  is a new take on the Tamagochi pets of the 90’s. Users can earn NFT eggs and even breed Metagochis. 

Axie Infinity also utilizes NFTs for game advancement. There were already nearly half a million daily users on this platform as of July of 2021. 

Finally, CryptoKitties allows users to buy, collect, and breed cats, play games with other players, collect Fancy Cats, and unlock rare cat traits. 

Pets and the Metaverse Infographic

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