Meta’s Threads Adds Keyword Search Feature — Rolling Out in the US and Other Countries

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Meta Threads Keyword Search Feature 


Threads will roll out a keyword search feature in the US and other countries. It is one of the most asked-for features since it launched in July. 

Some users in New Zealand and Australia were able to try it first last week. With the said announcement, it seems like the beta version was a success. 

Keyword Search — How It Works? 

It is also known as hashtags. This feature’s main role is to help users connect with communities. You can also use it to follow real-time events. 

This is the first major X competitor to include it in the product. It might spell more trouble for X. 

Threads have lost a great number of daily users. When it was first introduced in July, it set new records as the fastest-growing social media app. It earned 100 million users in just one week. 

However, it struggled to retain its users. Its daily engagement also plummets

Despite the engagement decline, the Instagram executive said that the company is not too focused on this metric. 

New Features

Threads has already added other new features after its launch. One of them is the chronological feed. It is a place to find your likes. Threads also introduced a reposts tab. However, Twitter users still want more to finally make the switch. They need lists, bookmarks, and trends. 

Without search and trends, Threads will be less compelling. 

Twitter or X has a massive user base with millions of active users worldwide. This network effect means that the more people use it, the more valuable it becomes as a platform for communication and information sharing. Threads is still struggling to attract more users due to the inertia of the existing user base. 

Furthermore, X is known for its real-time nature. It makes it a popular platform for breaking news, live videos, and trending topics. As mentioned, its chronological feed allows users to see updates as they happen. And this real-time aspect is challenging for competitors to replicate effectively. 

Many influential individuals, celebrities, politicians, and thought leaders are active on this platform. Their presence on the platform not only attracts more users but also enhances the platform’s credibility and relevance. 

Twitter’s algorithm feed, while controversial at times, is designed to show users content that they want to engage with. In that way, X can keep them on the platform. This personalized content delivery can make it difficult for users to leave for Threads. 

But Threads is still new. As the platform adds more features, it will not be a surprise if it finally dominates Twitter/X. Threads is a great platform if you don’t want to see Elon Musk fans wanting attention. 

It is still too early to stay if this X alternative by Meta will have staying power. But there is a built-in user base. 

If you own a business, it is worthwhile to claim or start a Threads account. This is especially true if you are getting new clients from social media. You can use this platform to maintain existing relationships.

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