Meta’s paid verification has been launched in the US

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Meta’s paid verification for Instagram and Facebook was launched as a test in Australia and New Zealand in February, has started rolling out in the US. The service allows you users to add the coveted blue check mark to their Instagram and Facebook accounts for a monthly subscription fee of $11.99 on the web and $14.99 on mobile.

Meta Verified is rolling out in the US today,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday in the Meta Channel on Instagram. “You can get a badge, proactive impersonation protection and direct access to customer support.”

Requirements to subscribe to the service includes being at least 18 years of age, and of course, paying a monthly fee. Users will also be required to go through the verification process including providing a government-issued ID to confirm your ID, two-factor authentication, and others. You can join the waitlist to sign up for the subscription service online beginning from today.

In terms of results, Meta in an email to TechCrunch said the company has seen “good results” from its initial test in Australia and New Zealand, while also reflecting on some of the early feedback it has received from subscribers.

Among the feedback it got from users is that the offering was confusing, and Meta said it is planning to further explore the offering before it considers expanding it outside Australia and New Zealand.

A “Meta verified” account will allow you to access a verified badge, increased visibility on the platforms, prioritized customer support, and many more. The test is currently being conducted in Australia and New Zealand, but is expected to be available in other countries soon.

In addition, users who sign up for the service will get exclusive stickers for Stories and Reels, and will also receive 100 free stars every month, or digital currency that can be used to tip creators in Facebook. Businesses, however, cannot apply for Meta Verified badge. You cannot change your profile name, username, birthday, or profile photo without going through the verification process all over again. Instagram currently offers a blue badge to high-profile users, including celebrities, and global brands or entities. That said, its blue badge is highly coveted, leading smaller creators to go the extra length to get it. People pay thousands of dollars for the blue badges through backdoor means. There is a market for it, which could be the inspiration for Meta.

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Author: Ola Ric

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