Meta Threads Engagement: Users Spending Less Time in the App

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Meta Threads Engagement 

After a blockbuster first week, the engagement in Meta Threads slowed down. Threads became the fastest-growing app of all time. However, its engagement declined immediately, according to this analytics

On July 7, it saw 49 million daily active users. But on July 14, the number reduced to 23.6 million. The usage declined in the US from 21 minutes a day to only six minutes in the same time period. 

Is the Momentum Over? 

The momentum is not yet over. The app has over 150 million downloads. This is still five times faster than Pokemon Go which held the record for the largest app launch since its debut in July 2016. 

This Twitter rival attracted 93 million active users around the world during its first week. It was India leading in terms of downloads of this new app. It is then followed by Brazil and the UZ. 

At this time, Threads is not available in the EU because of regulatory issues related to privacy concerns and data collection practices. 

The app released its major update after launching. It brings support for iOS 17. It is now available as a public beta. 

Congressional Lawmakers 

However, Threads is now under scrutiny from lawmakers just less than two weeks after its launch. Rep. Jim Jordan asked Meta to hand over Threads’ documents that outline its content moderation policies. 

This is part of the lawmaker’s effort to uncover conjectured collusion between the executive branch of the government and big tech to censor free speech. 

Meta Threads is said to be a non-political app. It is also marketed as a friendly alternative to Twitter. However, because of how its platform works, political discussion could still dominate on this conversation-based app. 

Adding Billions in Revenue 

Threads’ engagement may be slowing down. But it still has the potential to add billions in revenue for its parent company. Meta does not have immediate plans to monetize its popularity. But it could be a huge source of revenue growth. 

This app is separate from Instagram and Facebook. Metal will not funnel users to Threads. 

Meta is also improving its AI-recommendation algorithm after launching Reels three years ago. This algorithm can go a long way to building engagement on Threads. With that in mind, Meta can push Threads’ growth faster. It means that the new app can go from 100 million to even 1 billion users. 

When users download and sign up for Threads, they can easily connect to their existing network on Instagram. The AI recommendation algorithm will provide users with content that they mostly want to see. 

Meta is copying Twitter. In that case, advertisers understand how to use its Threads format. Furthermore, the parent company knows how to optimize the format because it is still similar to the Feed product of the main app, Facebook. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s company took a great opportunity in the market to strike a blow against Twitter. But it is still too early to say whether or not Threads will defeat Twitter.

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