Meta launches new Community Feedback Policy against fake reviews

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Meta has released a new Community Feedback Policy in the US. It provides more parameters on what content can be added in customer reviews and feedback published in the app.

The new policy ensures that reviews come from real purchasing experiences. It also keeps false, misleading, and offensive feedback filtered out.

Simply put, Meta is implementing new ways to detect fake reviews, to limit malicious reviews, and to stop scammers using false positive feedback.

“More than 200 million businesses connect with their customers through our apps and technologies. Community feedback provides businesses with helpful insights from their customers and helps people make trusted purchasing decisions as they discover new products,” says Meta.

To organize things, Meta has applied more specific rules on dos and don’ts in product and business reviews. And it includes rules against incentivization and more stringent parameters on relevance.

For instance, you cannot exchange free gifts to get 5-star reviews. The relevance segment will include abuses like unhappy or upset parties attacking a business using negative reviews.

A burden of proof is needed for each case so Meta can deliberate and act accordingly. But if a case is obviously violating the policy, Meta will act right away and punish the Page.

Upset customers have increasingly used online reviews to vent out their frustration—justified or not.

But the value of positive reviews, along with the rise of digital shopping and discovery, has also increased significantly. It provides more reasons for brands to get as many positive feedback as they can—however they can.

Meta says its automated technology and human reviewers will help to detect potential violations. But it also encourages its users to report questionable reviews.

“In addition to complying with our Community Standards, all feedback people leave about products and businesses must now comply with our Community Feedback Policy, which specifically prohibits manipulation of reviews, incentivization, irrelevance, graphic content and spam,” says Meta.

The new policy has rolled out for US businesses. Meta has yet to announce if it will apply the same policy worldwide.

Read more about Meta’s Ratings and Reviews policies here.

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Author: Francis Rey

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