Meta (Facebook) Reportedly Working on a Smartwatch to Rival Apple Watch [Leak]

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Is this Meta’s (Facebook) take on the Apple Watch?

Meta (Facebook) Watch Has a Front-Facing Camera 

Facebook is still in the process of rebranding as Meta. For the uninitiated, Facebook has changed its name to Meta. Just like Alphabet, Meta is the official company of the brand and it covers WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. And the company is rumored to be developing a smartwatch that can rival Apple Watch. 

Bloomberg found the first photo of Meta’s wearable. It was carelessly left in the code for the Ray-Ban Stories app. 

However, you must remember that this product may not reach the final phase or end up on people’s wrists. Then again, it’s interesting how the company is working and thinking. 

How Does It Look Like? 

It has a rounded square face that is similar to Apple Watch. But the most interesting part of the design is the cut-out for a camera. 

Apple hasn’t thought about it and didn’t include it in its wearables even though the notch is included on every flagship phone since it released its iPhone X. The same design is also found on MacBook Pro 2021. 

The leaked photo didn’t show what the screen will look like but the notch is definitely a front-facing camera. And this is something different from the mainstream smartwatch available on the market. 

Having a built-in camera can be a selling point because it allows video calls from your write. You can even take photos, even though it will be awkward to do it. 

Earlier this year, the company has been rumored to be developing a smartwatch. At that time, reports stated that the watch would be released in 2022. The device will have two cameras. It can be removed from the wrist and can be used as a phone camera. After taking photos, images can be uploaded to the social media site or shared on WhatsApp. 

If Meta (Facebook) would want it to be as popular or more popular than Apple Watch, it has to ensure it’s equipped with fitness tracking features. However, it may seem like the product is more of a lifestyle machine, just like its Ray-Ban Stories glasses. 

It’s unsure whether or not this watch will take off. But it looks like the company is in for the long haul because reports showed that the company is planning to release second and third-generation Meta smartwatch versions. 

There are no further details yet about this Meta watch. However, it would seem like the watch could be managed by iPhones or Android devices. 

Apple Watch and Meta Watch 

Apple and Meta aren’t always on the same side especially when it comes to user data collection. The App Tracking Transparency feature was released by Apple this year to allow users more control over their data. Meta criticized this feature as it would definitely impact its bottom line. 

During the Connect Conference on Thursday, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a swipe at the iPhone maker. He said that innovation has been stifled because some tech companies are collecting larger commission fees.

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