Meta brings new commands to Messenger that alerts everyone to your message

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Meta has announced a couple of new features to its Messenger app. The new features are not entirely new; especially to anyone that uses Slack. Going forward, anyone who types @everyone in a chat in Messenger will alert the entire group to his message.

Also added, is a /silent function that ensures your messages arrives in the chat without anyone knowing. Instagram also announced similar feature, and ensures no one is alerted to a new message late at night.

To use the feature, simply type /silent before your message and you are in ghost mode. The two features are already live on both iOS and Android, and is available for all users.

Meta also announced that “Pay,” a new feature that makes it easier to send and receive money within your one-on-one Messenger chats. To use Pay, simply type /pay to send or request money securely without fees – perfect for quickly paying a friend for dinner or getting paid back for a ride.

In February, Meta launched its “Split Payments” feature on Messenger in the US. The social media giant began testing the feature in late 2021 and is now making it available to iOS and Android users. Split Payments is a feature that allows users to share the cost of bills and expenses through the Messenger app.

Users will need to click on the “Get Started” button in a group chat or the “Payments” tab in Messenger to use the feature. You can then split a bill equally or customize the amount for everyone in the group chat. You will also have the option of adding a personalized message.

Next, you will be asked to confirm your Facebook Pay details, and then your request will be sent and viewable in your group chat thread. In a blog post, Meta said, “friends who are new to payments in Messenger can easily add payment details to send and receive money.”

In January, Messenger rolled out its end-to-end encryption feature in chat to every user. Although E2EE will not be available by default until 2023 at the least, the ability to turn on the feature is now widely available.

You can opt in either through a vanish mode, by swiping up on an existing chat to enter one where messages automatically disappear when the window is closed, or via the original version that was rolled out in 2016 as Secret Conversations. That can be turned on by toggling the lock icon when you start a new chat.

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Author: Ola Ric

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