Mastering Marketing During the Pandemic 

Mastering Marketing During the Pandemic 

Mastering Marketing During the Pandemic 

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused businesses to have to adjust their processes to continue meeting the needs of their customers and target audience. Some brands, however, are unsure of how to market themselves during these difficult times. Realizing that millions of people have been physically, emotionally, and financially impacted by the current crisis, some marketers struggle with how to show empathy and support while also presenting their products/services in a way that makes everyday life easier to adjust to.   

As a company’s reputation is everything, no brand wants to appear unsympathetic – which is why marketing, as-usual, won’t work. Businesses large and small must learn how to understand what struggles their target audience faces and how to adjust their products/services to solve a problem in this uncertain climate. Though it does take some research and planning, mastering marketing during the pandemic is possible. Continue reading for some tips.   

1) Understand Current Struggles 

Before you can begin adjusting your marketing strategies, you must have a clear understanding of how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted your target audience. If your customer base is comprised of mostly business owners, they may be struggling with temporarily closing brick and mortar locations, letting go of valuable employees, or declining sales. If your target audience is mostly mothers, they might be struggling with providing for their families, keeping the kids entertained, or adjusting to working from home with a full house.  

You can learn more about your target audience and their struggles during the coronavirus pandemic by doing your own research. You can ask questions on social media, conduct surveys, or review content from reputable sources that relate to your customers and their current issues. Once you have this information, you are able to use it to create more sympathetic and relevant marketing content that provides support and drives sales.  

2) Communicate Company Changes 

What changes has your company had to make since the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe you’ve had to shut down your brick and mortar location but you have recently created an online shop? Perhaps you’ve changed your hours of operation and implemented health and safety measures to keep customers safe while shopping? Do you now offer contactless delivery? Are there new payment options available for those who may be struggling financially?  

Whatever changes you have made need to be clearly communicated to your target audience. This not only shows that you care about their wellbeing during the pandemic but lets them know that you are still open for business and prepared to accommodate their needs. Place any changes to your business on your company website and social media platforms.  

3) Create a Seamless Customer Experience 

You don’t want to add to the frustrations and hassles of your customers by providing them with a less than satisfactory experience. Whether online or in-person, it is imperative that you work on providing a seamless customer experience. Utilize to update your site to accommodate the shopping preferences of your target audience. Ensure that the site is up and running, loading efficiently, and easy to navigate. Also, see to it that the checkout process is simple and secure.  

In-person experiences also need to be seamless. Start by providing a clean and safe environment for your target customers to shop in. Incorporate things like sanitation stations, personal protection equipment for all of your staff, clear social distancing markers, and more. Also, ensure that customers are compassionately greeted, assisted when needed, and checked out with ease.   

4) Get Active on Social Media 

With stay at home orders and social distancing regulations still in effect, consumers are spending a lot more time on social media platforms as a way of staying connected, informed, and entertained. If you really want to connect with, understand, and show support to your target audience during the pandemic, actively engaging on social media is an ideal solution. From posting content about company changes and promotions to interacting with customers about current events and common struggles, you can increase your customer base exponentially.  

5) Support a Cause 

Now, more than ever, customers are getting more selective with where they spend their hard-earned (and hard to come by) cash. Surveys have shown that many consumers prefer to do business with brands that support causes near and dear to their hearts. Whether you donate some of your profits to a local charity, donate products or services to frontline employees, or sponsor community events that give back to those in need, customers will appreciate this and be more inclined to want to do business with your brand.   

The coronavirus pandemic caused sudden and drastic changes for businesses large and small. These changes have subsequently caused a plethora of problems for the very customers they serve. In order for brands to remain relevant and stay afloat during these uncertain times, it becomes necessary for them to shift their marketing efforts to meet the needs of their target audiences. Hopefully, the above-mentioned suggestions have given you some ideas on how you can master this with compassion

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