Marketing eCommerce Store on Social Media

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Marketing eCommerce Store on Social Media

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Marketing eCommerce store effectively can help you build a huge loyal following. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it was before. Should you still use social media to attract traffic or just leave it?

It is not easy to market your eCommerce shop today. It is true. However, there are still ways that can help you promote your products.

1) Use Influencer Marketing

Most millennials listen to their peers’ recommendations before making a purchase. Apart from that, they also listen to bloggers, influencers, and celebrities for their recommendations.

In that case, partnering with influencers will help in increasing your sales and improving your loyal customer base.

The driving force of social promotion is influencer marketing. The reason for this is that the posts can blend seamlessly into your target market’s timeline.

The best thing about it all is that you can promote your product without sounding like a salesperson. And the best and easiest way to ensure that your products are seen by your audience through an influencer is through sponsored content.

When you choose influencer marketing, though, make sure that you work with people who are keen to promote your brand. These people must know how to add an enticing caption that will truly stand out.

Opt to establish a long-term relationship with influencers in your niche to see more returns and get stronger sales.

One great example of effective influencer marketing is when Coca Cola partnered with street artists in creating content to promote optimism. The company worked with authentic influencers. But it opted to keep its message simple and eye-catching.

2) Advertise

It is not enough to use influencers to market your products. You may need to advertise a bit to win your target audience.

When you decide to advertise, make sure that you clarify your objective. Are you advertising to increase traffic? Generate leads or boost engagement? 

Then, pick the right ad you wish to run. You may opt for an ad that offers an organic appearance, like a sponsored post on LinkedIn or promoted tweet on Twitter.

Although social media advertising is a great way to market an eCommerce store, you must not put all your eggs in one basket. Keep in mind that social media ad does not work for every product, brand or audience. Thus, you need to test, learn and try again. And for this reason, it makes sense to hire a reliable ecommerce marketing agency such as to build a successful ecommerce site/store.

When choosing to advertise on social media, you can learn from several brands, like Dollar Shave Club. In one of its ads, it posted a clever message that did not try to appeal to gender-normative ad favored by some shaving brands. Instead, it opted to promote its products to a different audience, i.e. women. The company did not have to launch a new product to a new audience.

3) Share Content from Users

Your existing customers are the best magnets to getting new customers. When you publish user-generated content, you are creating a community.

In a study, this type of content increases engagement up to seven times. The stronger the engagement is, the more impressions you can gain.

Aerie, for instance, opted for its #UGCgoals. The ad focused on making a pledge to halt retouching photos of models when they are wearing bathing suits. What makes it stand out is that it donated $1 for every Instagram user who posted un-Photoshopped photo of herself in a swimsuit with the hashtag #AerieReal.

The brand made people a reason to participate in your campaign. Customers want to purchase from brands that support those vital causes.

You can partner with a charitable organization that makes social media users excited about your campaign. You are not only doing good for the world, but you are also driving engagement to your website. Plus, you are reaching out to more people who will know more about your brand through word-of-mouth.

4) Try Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms for eCommerce stores. It has over 250 million active users. Most businesses can take advantage of this platform.

It is especially beneficial for eCommerce stores selling physical goods that can be photographed, like body shaping corset or running shoes.

Generally, B2C companies will have an easier time on this platform compared to B2B. However, it still depends on your target audience. It is interesting to note that 50% of millennials are using Pinterest per month. If you are targeting this group of audience, then consider Pinterest marketing.

When you share pins on this platform, consider pinning photos from your blog post, infographics, and videos. Promoted Pins are the platform’s system for advertising. You can pay to include your pins to appear on your target audience’ feeds when they browse.

Pinterest has Buyable Pins where your target market can directly buy your product from Pinterest. The great thing about Buyable Pins is that they do not appear salesy because they show up within organic content, thereby, blending with other pins.

5) Avoid Ignoring Your Audience

Customers like to interact with companies that will engage with them on social media. Since it is social media, it is about building a relationship through conversations.

However, this technique is a long-term investment. Then again, it is an effective way to strengthen your customer relationships. Thus, when someone asks questions about your products or anything related to your brand, you should answer immediately.

You can combine sales and customer service during your conversations with your potential clients. Engaging with your audience will make your company more memorable. It also boosts your opportunities to get a sale.

And there is no need to wait for someone to ask questions. You can post a testimonial from your existing customers. It is another way to start conversing with your potential clients.

When you engage with your audience, people will know that there are real people behind your social media account. You should consider encouraging your followers to ask questions and post feedback.

And if you received thoughtful and genuine comments, make sure to acknowledge them. You should also encourage your users to tag you when they post your products.

In the world of eCommerce, you need to stand out from your competition. When you use social media marketing for marketing eCommerce, you need to have a clear strategy. Consider using influencer marketing, advertising on the platform, sharing users content and opting for Pinterest marketing. And most of all, engage with your audience.

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