macOS Sonoma: iCloud Password Extension for Chrome on Mac

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iCloud Password Extension on macOS Sonoma for Chrome 

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macOS Sonoma is now available in a public beta. One of the updates includes Apple’s password manager for third-party web browsers, including Chrome. 

The company wants to ensure that its users can easily manage their passwords within software and apps and third-party browsers. 

In 2021, the company introduced its iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome on Windows. As a result, it broadened the availability of its iCloud Keychain. 

iCloud Keychain 

It is a powerful tool that offers numerous benefits for users across multiple devices. It can securely store and manage your passwords across all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It eliminates the hassle of remembering multiple passwords by automatically generating strong, unique passwords for every site and app you use. 

Although this tool is available on Edge on Windows, and Chrome on Windows, you could not access it on Chrome when you’re on Mac. But this is going to change with the macOS Sonoma. The first public beta brings the iCloud Passwords extension to Chrome on Mac. 

It was first announced during the WWDC. But it was highlighted again recently by a member of Apple’s passwords team. 

Support for other extension stores is also present. It means that the extension should work for Edge on Mac in the future and Chrome on Mac. With this extension, you can go beyond storing your passwords.

It supports the automatic generation of passwords. It can generate strong, unique passwords for every site and app that you use. The iCloud Keychain securely stores and syncs this information, making it readily available when you need it. 

This tool also employs advanced encryption methods to protect your passwords, credit card information, and personal data. When you use strong encryption algorithms, you are guaranteed that your sensitive information remains secure both during storage and transmission. 

The autofill convenience is available on Chrome. But iCloud Keychain offers more powerful features. It streamlines the login and checkout process. It makes your online experiences faster and more convenient. 

The seamless synchronization across all Apple devices is one of the major advantages of iCloud Keychain. When you save a password or update a login on one device, it is automatcally synced to all other devices linked to your Apple ID. It ensures that your password is always up to date and readily accessible, regardless of which device you are using. 

It can store not only passwords but also other sensitive data like credit card information and secure notes. With the upcoming macOS, you can quickly access this stored information using Chrome making online activities more efficient and secure. 

If you are already using a password manager or have stored passwords elsewhere, iCloud Keychain simplifies the migration process. It can import passwords from various sources. It makes it easy to transition to iCloud Keychain without the hassle of manually re-entering all your credentials. 

This is not the only update coming to macOS Snoma. It makes it easier to share your passwords and usernames within Safari. In that way, family and friends can get right to the info without making additional clicks. 

Sonoma will be released this fall of 2023. 

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