macOS Big Sur Update Bricking Some Older MacBooks

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Are you planning to upgrade to macOS Big Sur? Don’t do it just yet.

Many owners of 13-inch MacBook Pro complained that their 2013 or mid-2014 MacBook are stuck with a black screen when they tried to update their macOS. 

Some of them tried to reset SMC, but the issue remains. One user posted a possible solution by removing an IC chip. However, it’s not sure that it’s the one causing the problem. 

Unfortunately, removing the IC chip needs a professional to do it for you. If you unplug the board, your Mac will start. But there’s no WiFi, Bluetooth, SD card reader, HDMI port, and USB port. 

The biggest issue here is that most affected Macs are out of warranty. Many of them are hoping that Apple will fix it with a software update. They said that Big Sur caused a hardware problem. 

Bricking older MacBooks also happened when Catalina first came out. After users updated their MacBooks to Catalina, their Macs became unusable. Repairing their Macs was impossible without accessing the logic board. 

At that time, Apple refused to face the issue honestly. They also censored valuable details on their forum. 

Is Apple Aware of the Big Sur Issue? 

According to a thread on Apple Support, someone escalated the issue to Apple’s engineering team. In that case, Apple must now be aware of it. 

Upgrading to new software can cause a lot of stress and confusion. Apple promised to give many updates and enhancements you can find only on macOS Big Sur. But the new macOS might not be right for you. 

If your MacBook isn’t that old, it might be safe to upgrade to Big Sur. However, you need to back up your device first. 

It’s also a good idea to partition your Mac. In that way, you can install the latest OS while still using the current macOS. This will help you get used to the changes while still accessing the features you’re familiar with. 

Partitioning your Mac will also allow you to delete Big Sur if you don’t like it. 

Once you downloaded Big Sur on your main hard drive, you still have the option to downgrade it to Catalina or your previous OS. 

Big Sur is still new. Apple released it in November 2020. It has a redesigned look, with a new Control Center and many updates. 

It’s a big update. That’s why the company considered it as version 11. 

It overhauled everything. The new-look aimed to provide a fresh and familiar feel. 

The menu bars in apps are now less obtrusive. They blend in with your content. You can also find new symbols in sidebars, controls, and toolbars to give you clarity and consistency. 

With so many new features and revamped design, the temptation to upgrade is too high. Then again, it’s still a new operating system. Hence, you must proceed with caution. 

Those who have been using this OS said that they love it.

But for owners of older MacBooks, installing Big Sur was a nightmare after the new OS bricked their devices.

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