Logitech Drops Revue Price to $99 Amidst Trials

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Logitech Drops Revue Price to $99 Amidst Trials

Logitech Revue (Photo Credit: Logitech)

Logitech has decided to drop prices of standalone Revue set-top boxes for Google TV after having more returns than sales of the devices, the company said on its recent earnings call.

Starting next quarter, customers can own the Logitech Revue for $99 — $150 less than its current price of $249 — but no specific date yet for the cheaper purchase.

Logitech already trimmed down the Revue’s price in May from $299, only to experience lackluster sales.

With a 53 percent decrease, the digital home entertainment section of Logitech, including Harmony remote and Revue, logged the most disappointing revenue from all company categories.

Logitech declined to release new models for its remotes during the previous quarter, and took a big blow when a customer cancelled its bulk order.

Universal Electronics earlier this month filed a patent infringement case against Logitech for technologies found in Revue and Harmony remotes.

As a final blow, Logitech’s Gerald Quindlen vacated his post as CEO and president.


Update: According to an official Logitech statement shared by a company PR rep via email, “When Logitech’s Q1 financial results were reported, we stated that returns for Logitech Revue were greater than sales. Some people thought this meant that there were more consumers returning their Logitech Revue products in Q1 than were purchasing the product. This is simply not the case. Remember that Logitech sells mostly to distributors and retailers, not consumers. Since we introduced Logitech Revue in October 2010, consumer returns for the product have averaged at levels comparable to other Logitech products.”

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