Links on Big Facebook Pages Get .14pc CTR

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EdgeRank Checker, a website that provides analytics on Facebook, shared results of a new study showing that links on the News Feed of Big Facebook Pages, those with more than 100,000 fans, clocked a click through rate (CTR) of .14 percent – 1 click for every 715 views.



EdgeRank Checker's study found that links on Big Facebook Pages News Feed got a .14pc CTR

TechCrunch contributor Josh Constine explained in a post today how EdgeRank Checker’s study shows how major brands like Netflix (over 2m likes), Porsche (almost 100,000 likes), and Old Navy (over 2.5m likes), can, with a little time an effort, get free advertizing by generating enough traffic to their Facebook pages to generate 2,000 clicks a day.  EdgeRank’s study of 84,000 link posts on over 5,500 Pages found that Pages get one click for every 1,000 fan (Facebook now uses only the term “Like”), there is a much higher CTR for Pages with a small number of fans, and links posted by Pages enjoy a CTR that is three times higher than Facebook ads (.05pc) and online display ads which Webtrends say has a CTR of .1pc.


EdgeRank Checker also studied which days of the week are the most advantageous for Pages to post and found that posts made on Wednesdays got the highest number of clicks and shares while Friday attracted the least.

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Author: David John Walker

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