LinkedIn’s New Generative AI

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ChatGPT is coming to LinkedIn 


Writing job listings for LinkedIn can be time-consuming. It’s also a tedious task. But the company is hoping that the integration of generative AI can simplify the process of writing listings, filling out resumes, etc. 

The feature is similar to ChatGPT. In a press release, LinkedIn said it will provide more opportunities to its members. 

“Last week we introduced AI-powered collaborative articles as a new way of unlocking unique and untapped knowledge sharing between members. Now, we’re also rolling out new AI-powered experiences, leveraging the most advanced OpenAI GPT models, as we continue to look for ways to create more value for our members and customers.”

Premium Subscribers Only 

The company is testing the tool with premium subscribers who are the most active members. The members can provide feedback as LinkedIn continues to iterate and improve it. Over the next several months, the feature will be rolled out to all premium users. 

If you’re a premium subscriber who lists job listings, you can make it easier to upload or write job descriptions. LinkedIn describes the process as fairly simple. 

You will only need to provide basic details about the position. Once the basic information is provided, the tool can quickly generate a job description based on the prompts provided. 

It allows users to review and edit the job listing before it is posted. 

AI Classes

The company also announced that it is going to introduce more AI-themed news. The site will now offer over 100 AI classes that will be available to all users without any fee. 

But the offer will only last until June 15 this year. The classes will include an introduction to conversational AI, generative AI for business leaders, and many more. 

The AI classes will be available and free to all users. In that case, even if you are not a premium subscriber, you can still access the classes. 

However, once the trial ends, only LinkedIn Learning subscribers can access them. They are also included in the Premium subscription. 

With this new tool, job listers can save a lot of time in creating their job listings. They can also keep their profiles up to date. Then, when you are writing your LinkedIn profile, you can ask AI to generate descriptions for the people you wish to recruit. 

As a recruiter, you can save a lot of time. It will also be a lot easier for you to check out a profile and find people to make a connection with. 

Will this new tool affect how we interact with people on LinkedIn? Keep in mind that the platform is using it to scan its platform to generate content. Because it is customized to the users, humans will respond to the content. 

Linkedin didn’t say how AI-generated posts will be labeled. But it will not be surprising to see more AI-generated content that will encourage more engagement. 

Many fear that this tool will stop real engagement on LinkedIn. It’s difficult to decipher whether such content is AI-generated. As a result, it may degrade the experience.

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