LinkedIn working to add a post scheduling feature

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LinkedIn is looking to add a new option that allows you to schedule a native post. The feature is currently being tested, and could be launched as soon as all tests have been completed.

As shared by app researcher Nima Owji, the new scheduling option would be added into the post composer flow. A new clock icon will also be added to the bottom right of the window.

Some users can already schedule posts on LinkedIn; but this is not without the help of third party apps. LinkedIn, however, wants to be able to offer its users similar feature to schedule their posts.

LinkedIn has confirmed Owji’s Twitter post. Responding to Social Media Today, LinkedIn said: “We’re working to bring native post scheduling to members and pages soon. Stay tuned for updates on future rollout plans.”

While that has been confirmed, what we do not know at this time is when the feature will become available. However, it is safe to say that the post scheduling will soon be available.

In July, Microsoft announced that LinkedIn’s revenue grew by 26 percent, while other user sessions experienced a growth of 22 percent. That was a pretty impressive result, and one LinkedIn would hope to capitalize on with its new scheduling feature.

The story was pretty much similar in 2021, when the company also recorded some impressive results.

In April 2021, LinkedIn announced that its engagement rates were up to 29 percent. That report reveals a steady growth in usage trends and ad sales.

A couple of months ago, LinkedIn launched a set of tools to help marketers maximize their lead generation. The new tool, according to LinkedIn, will also help marketers to build their brands. Included in the launch is a new Business Manager dashboard, a newB2B aligned, updated CRM and API integration, and LinkedIn-native consultancy.

The Business Manager Platform provides a central dashboard to help you manage “people, accounts, Pages” and their associated marketing processes. The new Business Manager platform provides a simplified management platform covering every of your LinkedIn business activities.

The new platform features dedicated tabs that can be used for managing People, Partners, Ad Accounts and Company Pages, along with Matched Audience.

LinkedIn also launched a new consultancy called B2B Edge. This tool provides dedicated marketing and brand building advice based on academic research and first-party data.

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Author: Ola Ric

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